Have your best images critiqued over the phone with Arthur Morris: 10 images for $75, 20 images for $125.  Digital submissions only.  1440 X 1050 J-PEGs at 96 dpi are fine. They can be mailed on CD (please be sure to include your e-mail address) or posted to the web.  Please send check with CD or a Paypal with an on-line submission.  I will give you an honest, no-holds-barred critique during a phone consultation. If I think it's great, I will say so.   Digital or film shooters may elect to send scans on a CD, or better yet, to post images at a web site. (Please e-mail for sizing recommendations; thanks)  It is best to e-mail first to check Artie's upcoming schedule before sending or posting images.  CDs may be sent to:  Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART  PO Box 7245 (for US Mail) 4041 Granada Drive (via courier)  Indian Lake Estates, FL 33855, or links via e-mail to   (tel: 863-692-0906)

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