Many of you have been asking about Drypods for several months.  (I mentioned them in several Bulletins as “Tripod Condoms.”)   They have been some time in testing and development as Rod Wiley wanted to get them right.   James Shadle and I have been testing them for several months and though we were pretty happy with the early versions Rod kept making them better and better and using stronger and thicker plastic.  BAA is proud to add a small line of Drypods to its mail order product line.  Here are the details:

Drypod Waders are designed to keep your valuable Gitzo Carbon Fiber tripods as well as other tripods dry while you are wading, especially in saltwater.  If you have always completely disassembled your tripod after each wading session, never had a single leg lock corrode, never had to send a tripod back for a new leg section or two, or never totaled a tripod, then you do not need a set of Drypods.   (I once sent three Gitzo tripods to Bogen for repair after two many trips in salt water.  I wrote after about 8 months and was told that they had thrown them all into the trash.  Really. 

Drypods are made of plastic sleeves that are approximately 47" long. Because some photographers prefer to adjust the height of their tripods by using the leg locks rather than the slide locks, each kit includes 3-6 mil sleeves and 6-10mil sleeves (total of 9). Note: using the slide locks instead of the leg locks will greatly increase the life of the plastic sleeve.

Each kit comes with 3 boots that slide over the plastic sleeve to protect the plastic from cuts and abrasions. The sleeves must NEVER be used without the boots. The boots have two Velcro wraps sewn on to secure the boot to the tripod.


Drypods come in 3" and 4" widths, with the 3 inch being almost universally popular. The 3" Drypod sleeves have a diameter of approximately 2-3/16" and the 4" approximately 2-11/16.”  You should order the smallest size that will fit.   All but the larger tripods that have clip locks or wing locks will fit inside the 3” Drypods.  Each kit comes in a heavy string tie bag with instructions and repair tape.

The prices of the Drypods (shipped to US addresses) are as follows

Drypod 3" kits are $46.00 plus $7.00 S&H (Overseas shipping please add $13, for a total of $59.00). 

Drypod 4" kits are $48.00 plus $7.00 S&H  (Overseas shipping please add $13, for a total of $61.00). 

Weekender kits are for limited use and consist of 4 sleeves with a multi layer foot assembly to help protect the plastic sleeve.

Weekenders 3" kits are $26.95 plus $7.00 S&H (Overseas shipping please add $13, for a total of $39.95). 

Weekenders 4" kits are $28.95 plus $7.00 S&H  (Overseas shipping please add $13, for a total of $41.95). 


Refills for the new Drypods include 12 sleeves, 6 heavy and 6 light sleeves or 12 heavy or 12 light, your choice.  $21.00, same shipping as above

Florida residents please add 7% to the Price only