March 30th, 2012

Contest Deadline Extended Until April 30, 2012

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Contest Deadline Extended until April 30, 2012

After careful consideration, and in view of the fact that so many of you have been struggling to meet the current deadline and get your images uploaded, and in view of the fact that Jim needed to leave early on March 30 for a doctor’s appointment, and in view of the fact that the word has been spreading like wildfire, and in view of the fact that some of you have not been able to redeem your free entries for your major B&H purchases as they have not yet showed up on the transactions report, we have decided to extend the deadline for entries until April 30, 2012. There will not be any additional extensions. We thank you for your understanding and for refraining from e-mailing your complaints :).

For those of you who have been in the dark you can learn more about the BIRDS AS ART 1st International Bird Photography Competition here or by visiting the main contest page here.

later and love, artie

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