SEPTEMBER 24, 2004
African lion, Kenya
Image copyright 2004 Todd Gustafson
While photographing on safari, Todd is always ready...
Photo Theme: Todd Gustafson's images from the recent Kenya Photo Safari
African Elephant calf, Kenya
Image copyright 2004 Todd Gustafson
Here Todd has captured both the epitomal moment and a priceless expression.  Here I would have followed my "cut don't clip rule" and cropped a tiny bit more off the bottom...
Greg Downing and I will be among a group of highly skilled leaders on the January 2007 Zegrahm Expeditions trip to Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands. Zegrahm's is the premier tour company in this area and their staff is both highly knowledgeable and experienced.  The three week (Miami to Miami) Antarctic cruise sails from Argentina to the spectacular Antarctic Peninsula and Elephant Island, the little-known natural wonderland of South Georgia, and finishes in the Falkland Islands. Join us as we journey through this thrilling land of penguins, icebergs, and Sir Ernest Shackleton for 19+ days of mind-boggling photographic opportunities. The cost of this trip will come in at somewhere between $11,000 and $15,000 (all inclusive Miami to Miami) depending on the accommodations that you desire.  If you are seriously interested in joining us for this incredible adventure, please contact me by e-mail or send a $500 deposit now to hold a spot.  Deposits are fully refundable until such time as the trip details are finalized.  At that time you will receive an e-mail notice from us and will be required to make your final decision: in or out. Please do not contact Zegrahm's directly as this trip will be arranged through a second party travel agency once the details are finalized.
Topi pair, Maasai Mara, Kenya 
Image copyright 2004 Todd Gustafson
I was really upset when I saw this one.  I was unable to get a single Topi up on a mound, and Toddi had two!




January 28-February 12, 2005  14 1/2 Days of Spectacular Photography  (Fly on 27 January, home on 13 February):  $6500


The lodges are beautiful in all ways: good food, comfortable rooms, and friendly staff. They are all located in unique and beautiful settings and there is a distinctive peaceful and safe feeling about each one of them.   The safari begins at the Momella Game lodge on the slopes of Mt. Meru. There is a bird sanctuary on the grounds and some folks may enjoy early AM shooting on the first day.   Next is The Tented Camp at Tarangire National Park. It is a permanent camp with comfortable beds, in-tent bathrooms, a beautiful dining area and GREAT showers and is situated on a bluff above the Tarangire River. Elephants, giraffes, and other animals come to the river every day to drink and bathe. What a show!    The Serena Hotel at Lake Manyara is on the escarpment overlooking the Lake. The setting is to die for and there are birds all over the grounds. A great staff is always looking for ways to make you more comfortable.  From there the group continues on to Ndutu Lodge which is situated in the bush. This is Todd's favorite lodge.  You will be in a comfortable, rustic lodge where some of the staff has worked for 30 years. Sitting by the fire after a safari drive can be an experience! Elephants walk by. Lions roar in the bush and giraffes often come in to drink at the watering hole. The Sopa lodge at Ngorongoro Crater is the most sumptuous experience of the trip. At 9000 ft. it overlooks the crater and is situated on the Eastern rim for spectacular sunsets. Each room is a suite with tons of room and modern facilities.  As Artie says, photographing in Crater is like photographing in a zoo except for the fact that all the birds and animals are free and wild!


Transport is by 7-seater vehicle: adapted Land Rover Defenders with large roof hatches. There will be no more than three photographers per vehicle and no more than 4 vans, each of which will operate independently. The photographic opportunities encountered in 2003 and 2004 were so numerous and varied that we can assure you that there will be ample subjects for all vans and for all participants. Surely some days will be better than others, and surely one van might get really lucky once in a while, but after 14 1/2 days, things will even out quite nicely. Do note that this is a Photo Safari, not an Instructional Photo Tour. Todd is the only leader and will be glad to offer instruction to those in his van.  Van assignments will be on a rotating basis so that all will be able to benefit from Todd's vast experience photographing in Africa.  Experienced photographers will of course get the most out of this Photo Safari.  Todd will be glad to review both his and your images at meals and during breaks.  Accommodations are per person sharing a room with two beds. Food (except for water, sodas, drinks, and lunch and dinner on the last day) and all Park entry fees are included.   A $15/day US driver/guide gratuity per person is the norm for good service. 


Deposit: $1,000.00 US.

NET RATE: $6,500.00 USD.  $3,000.00 is due October 15, 2004.   The final payment of 2,500.00 is due December 1, 2004.  The single room supplement is $1,500.00 with $750 due October 15, 2004 and the final $750 due December 1, 2004.  All payments are non-refundable after review of this document. You are urged to purchase outside travel insurance to cover your costs should you be forced to cancel in the event of illness or personal or family emergencies. 


If you would like to receive a complete itinerary, please request one by e-mail from Todd at  You can e-mail Todd with questions or call  him at 847-298-8351.  Though I would love to co-lead this trip with Todd, I cannot because of scheduling conflicts which include the 2005 NANPA Forum and the Homer Bald Eagle trip that I am co-leading with Greg Downing.  I can assure you that you will be in good hands with Toddi.



Impala leaping, Maasia Mara, Kenya
Image copyright 2004 Todd Gustafson
Though Todd was impressed with the Mark II's autofocus, it is the photographer who makes the images...  
He read the animal's behavior and knew that the animals would soon be leaping and he was ready with a clean flash card.  I, on the other hand, made a single image and found myself with a full card...
Both Todd Gustafson and I will be returning to Kenya in mid-August 2005 to co-lead our fifth African Photo Safari together.  This trip, which will run about 2 1/2 weeks, will be a joint BIRDS AS ART/Gustafson Photo Safari venture.  It will be a fly/drive safari so that we can eliminate at least two of the long drives.  We shall be spending a good part of the trip at two spectacular spots that we each feel deserve more time than is offered on most safaris: Lake Nakuru and Maasai Mara.  Do note that this will be a Photo Safari, not an Instructional Photo Tour.  Todd and I will of course be glad to offer instruction to those in our vans each day.  Van assignments will be on a rotating basis so that all will be able to benefit from traveling with the leaders.  Experienced photographers will of course get the most out of this Photo Safari and both Todd and I will be glad to review both our and your images at meals and during breaks. If you are interested in joining us for another great Kenya experience, please drop me a short note via e-mail.
Elephant family in silhouette, Samburu, Kenya 
Image copyright 2004 Todd Gustafson
When some felt that the light was lousy, Todd simply went to work and made magic.
20 September 2004: Breeze Systems today announced BreezeBrowser v2.10, the latest release of its raw conversion, browsing and web page generation software. This release offers raw conversions for the Canon EOS-1D Mark II, PowerShot Pro1 and S60 digital cameras.  

In addition with v2.10 the ability to view, rename and copy Raw+JPEG images has been extended to the Canon EOS 1D Mark II and EOS 20D camera bodies as well as the Nikon D70 and Nikon D2H.   (Raw conversions for the 20D are not available with V.210.)  BreezeBrowser v2.10 now supports the high quality conversion of raw files from the following Canon EOS cameras: 1D Mark II, 1Ds, 1D, 10D, 300D/Digital Rebel, D60 and D30 and the following Canon Powershot cameras: G5, G3, G2, G1, Pro1, Pro90IS, S60, S50, S45, S40 and S30.

To purchase or learn more about Breezebrowser, visit: visit:


Wildebeest crossing, Maasai Mara, Kenya
Image copyright 2004 Todd Gustafson
Todd's van had a different view of this spectacular crossing than the other four vans.  And Todd is equally at home whether working with extreme focal length lenses or with wider focal length lenses (as shown here). 


 This in-development version offers Canon EOS 20D raw conversions. 

BreezeBrowser 2.11 beta 1 can be downloaded from . Users will need to install Canon's EOS Viewer Utility v1.1 software for this to work.  A full release is planned for early November after Canon has released a new Software Development Kit for the 20D.
To purchase or learn more about this Breezebrowser, visit:
African Jacana in flight, Crescent Island, Kenya
Image copyright 2004 Todd Gustafson
Whether he is using Canon or Nikon equipment, Todd is incredibly skilled at capturing flight and action...
The Bosque Del Apache NWR, NM 2004 IPTs    The NOV 21-23 IPT and NOV 27-29 IPTs (both co-lead by Ellen Anon) are both Sold Out. 
Important Notice: I have just arranged to have Greg Downing co-lead the last Bosque trip (DEC 3-5, 2004  3-DAYs:  $869) with me.  As a result, we will now be able to accommodate 14 folks and have a single opening which will surely be gone in a virtual instant...  (Ellen Anon could not make this trip.)  Greg is an incredibly skilled photographer and a wonderful teacher.  And like Ellen, he has been a tremendous help to me over the years.  He is a digital photography and computer expert.  He will be a great asset.
The SW Florida IPTs   Post X-mas: DEC 28-30, 2004 3-DAY: $869 (Sold Out)   PRESIDENT'S HOLIDAY: FEB 18-22, 2005, 5-DAY: $1399 w/Ellen Anon co-leading (3 Openings)
The San Diego IPT : January 6-9, 2005, 4-DAY: $1299  (Sold Out)
Homer, AK, Bald Eagle IPT w/co-leader Greg Downing  FEB 4-8 (Sold Out) & 9-13 (four openings), 2005.  5-DAY: $1599.  (please e-mail for details)

Lake Martin, La, Nesting Spoonbill IPT  3 -DAY: $899  MAR 19-21, 2005 (Oversold!)  May 13-15, 2005  (4 Openings) 

Fort DeSoto/Sarasota IPT:  NEW DATE: April 1-3 3-DAY: $869  (7 Openings).  Join me at my new favorite bird photography hot spot!

St. Augustine Alligator Farm IPT  April 28 (aft) thru May 1, 2005.  3 1/2-DAYS: $1049  (Limit 12, 10 openings)

Register early!  You snooze, you lose!

Nome, Alaska  IPT June 10-20, 2006: (Please note the year: 2006 is not a typo!) Sold Out, but please contact me if you are interested in joining us as part of a second group being led by Greg Downing. We will be sharing our talents on this trip and sharing nest sites and other info via GPS.  In addition, we will be holding joint critiquing and Photoshop sessions.  Long lenses are a necessity.

For general IPT info, deposit and registration details, and cancellation policies, please visit:

If you would like your name placed on a waiting list for one or more trips, please e-mail, indicate the trip or trips that you are interested in, and be sure to include both day and evening phone numbers.  We often have late cancellations...



Giraffe eyelashes..., Kenya
Image copyright 2004 Todd Gustafson
Though Todd says that I taught him everything that he knows about compostion and image design, he has obviously developed his own creative vision quite nicely...
Contact: Gary Farber Tel# 800-221-1830 ext. 2332, Fax# 800-336-3841






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Ostrich eggs and nest, Maasai Mara, Kenya
Image copyright 2004 Todd Gustafson
Todd is also amazingly talented as a travel photographer.  After coming across an abandoned ostrich nest, Todd posed Musimba--one of our skilled driver/guides--beautifully, and then created a stunning image.




Best and love and great picture making to all,  

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