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 Photographic Theme: a collection of images from recent trips. 



Wood Duck, drake in fall color reflections, North Chagrin Reservation, Cleveland, OH  

Image copyright 2006: Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

 Canon 500mm f/4L IS lens with 1.4X II TC and EOS-1Ds Mark II.  ISO 400.  

Evaluative Metering -1 stop: 1/1000 sec. at f/8. .    


When I arrived at the ponds, there were several photographers lying down on the boardwalk.  After only a few seconds I realized that by standing my images would include not only the color of the lovely reflections, but the patterns of the water as well.

I needed to subtract one full stop of light from the metered exposure to avoid blowing out the whites on the duck’s neck.  If all of your exposures are not right on the money, we would advise learning the basics in the Exposure Simplified section of ABP II (on CD only):  (The final, professionally pressed CD replete with cover art and cardboard case should finally be available in about two weeks.) 





Thanks to an invitation from Bob Rotatori of Cleveland MetroParks and the support of Canon USA, I did two programs at MetroParks’ Wood Duck Festival on the afternoon of Sunday, October 8, at the North Chagrin Reservation in Cleveland, OH.   Thanks to Matthew Studebaker, a fine young photographer from Cleveland, I got to experience some fantastic Wood Duck photography at the ponds adjacent to the visitor center.  Matthew, whom I met on-line at,  picked me up at the airport on Saturday afternoon and drove me straight to Chagrin.  He drove me to my motel after dinner, picked me up the next morning for another photo session, drove me back to the motel for a nap, picked my up and bought me to the festival, drove me back to the motel after a late afternoon appointment with the Wood Ducks, and then picked me up at 4am the next morning to get me to the airport on time.  Thanks again Matthew.

 With the beautiful reflections of fall color in the ponds, North Chagrin is surely one of the premier spots in the country for Wood Duck photography in the month of October, and a spring visit would yield some lovely green reflections on sunny days…  I was lucky to have been blessed with lovely weather and clear skies on my visit. 



Wood Duck, hen in orange marmalade fall color reflections, North Chagrin Reservation, Cleveland, OH  

Image copyright 2006: Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

 Canon 500mm f/4L IS lens and EOS-1Ds Mark II.  ISO 400.  

Evaluative Metering +1 stop: 1/100 sec. at f/4. .    


Working with the 1Ds allows for liberal cropping.  The pano crop here represents the full width of the original capture.  Some distracting crud in the water was removed with the Clone Tool and the Patch Tool .Our Digital Basics File will teach you to use both of these tools effectively: Note how the exposure compensation varies drastically from that in the image of the drake above…  When the sun is in, the meter is dumb and you need to help it by adding light to keep light-toned scenes light toned…



 On Wednesday, October 11, I flew to Finland arriving midday on Thursday.  I did a full day seminar for the Finnish Nature Photographers Association that Friday and two presentations on the weekend.  Several months before Jouni Klinga invited me to Finland and asked me to judge their prestigious national photography contest.  On Monday evening I did a public program at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki where the contest prints were hung and the winners announced.  The hall provided a wonderful venue.  The Finnish are notoriously reserved, but with the help of my skilled interpreter, artist, bird tour leader, author, and raptor expert Dick Foresman, we managed, in the typical BIRDS AS ART style, to get more than a few good laughs from the audience.  The public program was particularly heart-warming.  All in all, it was a rewarding trip even though I did not get to photograph a single bird.  I met lots of wonderful and appreciative folks and more than a few great photographers.    I will share their names and web sites in a future Bulletin.    After seeing many wonderful images of hard-to-photograph species from northern Finland and northern Norway, I am planning a trip to that region in late May 2008.



The audience in place at Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland  

Image copyright 2006:  Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

 Canon 15mm fish eye lens and EOS-1Ds Mark II (handheld).  ISO 3200.  

Evaluative Metering  -1/3 stop: 1/80 sec. at f/2.8.    

 Stopping to take a few images of the crowd before I began speaking helped to loosen up the crowd…



 The Post X-mas IPT, which has sold out every year in recent memory, is shaping up to be an almost private affair with only 5 folks signed up.  Here are 100 more reasons to sign up:  (Click on the first image to enlarge it, then click next to continue in slide show mode.  The EXIF data for each image is in the lower right portion of the screen.  You may have to scroll down a bit to see it.  After setting up my preferences, this web display was created with a single keystroke by Breezebrowser:  (

 SW FLA Post X-mas IPT:  DEC 27-29, 2006. Slide program on the evening of Tuesday, DEC 26.  3 -DAY: $1029.  (Limit 12, Openings: 9.)  Co-leaders: Robert O’Toole, Alfred Forns, & Robert Amoruso.  Sanibel Island, Little Estero Lagoon, Venice Rookery, Cape Coral.  Herons, egrets, gulls, terns, skimmers, shorebirds, both pelicans, Osprey, Burrowing Owl, and lots more.  



Burrowing Owl, Cape Coral, FL

Image copyright 2006: Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

Canon 600mm f/4L IS lens with 2X II TC and EOS 1Ds Mark II on Panning Ground Pod.  ISO 400.  Evaluative Metering +1/3 stop: 1/320 sec. at f/8.  


If you would like to have a chance to create images like this, consider joining us on this year’s Post X-Mas IPT.  I had just gotten on the ground to photograph this bird's mate (which was standing in a very cluttered spot). Then, a miracle occurred:  this bird landed just a foot away in a perfect setting.  Moments after I created this image the beautiful early evening light was gone with the setting sun...  This is my all-time favorite Burrowing Owl image. And subject in shadow/background in soft sun is one of my very favorite photographic situations.



 We have a single opening on the second Bosque IPT.  The other three are sold out with a waiting list.  If you are interested, please contact us ASAP.

 Bosque #2:  "The Pre-Thanksgiving IPT"  NOV 19-21, 2006.   Slide Program on the evening of NOV 18.  3-DAY: $929.  (One opening.)  This and the next IPT have sold out for the past eight years.  If you are interested in attending the Thanksgiving Day luncheon in Las Lunas, please contact us via e-mail.  This IPT will feature increasing numbers of geese and cranes with lots of great opportunities. 



Snow Geese Blast-Off, Bosque Del Apache NWR, New Mexico

Image copyright 2005: Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

Canon EF 500mm f/4.0 L IS lens and EOS 1Ds Mark II. ISO 800.

Evaluative metering at zero: 1/8 sec. at f/4.  

                                                       I love the three degrees of blurring here.  If you note the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO here you will see that it was dark!  Notice that the closer birds are much more blurred than the farther  ones. There will be lots of “blurred” learning going on in New Mexico in a few weeks.  Do consider joining us on Bosque #2.


If you would like to read an interesting, long, touching article on elephants, please send a blank e-mail to us at with the words Elephant Article in the Subject line.  The article, which was written by Charles Siebert, first appeared in the New York Times on October 8, 2006.  Thanks to Charles Sleicher for passing it along.


Wood Duck, drake in fall color reflections, North Chagrin Reservation, Cleveland, OH  

Image copyright 2006: Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

Canon 500mm f/4L IS lens with 1.4X II TC and EOS-1Ds Mark II.  ISO 400.  

Evaluative Metering -1 stop: 1/800 sec. at f/8. .    

When you have a great subject, be sure to create both horizontals and verticals.  When ducks are swimming right at you, vertical format is usually best.  (Selected eye and reduced red saturation.  Removed specular highlights from breast with Clone Tool and Patch Tool.)   


Dr. Cliff Oliver, a dear friend from San Diego, CA, sent me this quote from a new book, Thirst, by Mary Oliver (no relation).

Let me keep my mind on what matters,
which is my work,
which is mostly standing still and learning to be astonished

My first thought upon reading it was that it was a great description of my job as a nature photographer…

It was Cliff Oliver who saved me from killing myself with OREO cookies (thereby saving my life) and who introduced me to eating well and to various forms of meditation.   Cliff currently travels the world teaching wellness workshops for the C.H.E.K. Institute  ( when he is not busy conducting his chiropractic/alternative health practice. 

If you are interested in contacting Cliff or in hearing my entire “return to good health” tale, please send us blank e-mail to with the words Health Basics File in the Subject line.


Wood Duck, drake in green reflections, North Chagrin Reservation, Cleveland, OH  

Image copyright 2006:Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

 Canon 500mm f/4L IS lens with 1.4X II TC and EOS-1Ds Mark II.  ISO 400.  

Evaluative Metering -1 1/3 stop: 1/1000 sec. at f/8.     

 Here I chose an AF sensor in the lower right hand corner so that I could come up with the composition that I wanted, tucking the bird well into the corner of the frame.  There is a chapter on Advanced Composition and Image Design in ABP II:



 On Thanksgiving Day, 2006, I will again be hosting a photographer's lunch for those lucky enough to be visiting Bosque Del Apache during the holiday season.  With the unfortunate demise and closing of Socorro's ValVerde Steakhouse, we were hard-pressed to come up with a good place to eat last year.  At the last moment, someone suggested that we try the Luna Mansion ( about 40 miles up I-25 in Los Lunas, New Mexico.  Wow!  We had great food--fine dining in fact--in a glorious setting.  This elegant restaurant occupies a historic landmark building that was constructed in 1881.  I have made arrangements this year for lunch for up to 50 folks to dine at 11:30am sharp. 

 The cost of the complete lunch including main course, dessert, beverage, and tip is $30/person.  (Wine not included.)  We are now accepting reservations by check only.  You must make a reservation in advance as we will need to finalize the group size well in advance. If you would like to join us, please mail a check made out to "Arthur Morris" for $30/per person to PO Box 7245, Indian Lake Estates, FL 33855. You must include your e-mail address and a note stating, "Thanksgiving Lunch." 



Wood Duck, drake swimming, North Chagrin Reservation, Cleveland, OH  

Image copyright 2006:Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART  

Canon 500mm f/4L IS lens with 1.4X II TC and EOS-1Ds Mark II. ISO 400.  Evaluative Metering +1/3 stop: 1/8 sec. at f/13 in Tv Mode (for perfect control of shutter speed).

As the sun dropped below the horizon on Sunday afternoon, I was reluctant to raise the ISO enough to make sharp images, so I decided to try to create a nice blur that featured the duck’s wake…  And I did.  Small pano crop, dust spot cloning. Selected the pupil(s), actually in 3 sections (using Add to Selection), then used Hue/Sat to darken the pupils by reducing the Saturation to about 90% and then darkening the selected area also in Hue/Sat. Then re-selected, expanded the selection 3 pixels,  and did a Gausian blur on the now darker eyes. 


 From Mark Hickenbottom:

 Hi Artie,

I just used the BLUBB with the Ground Pod. Wow! What a combination. While other people were battling with trying to track birds in flight with a big telephoto, my 500mm lens just floated on air.  Everyone wanted to borrow my Ground Pod/BLUBB setup.

Thanks! Mark



Fall Color, Haukkalampi (Hawk Lake) National Park, Espoo, Finland  

Image copyright 2006:  Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS lens handheld at 200mm with EOS-1Ds Mark II.   ISO 400.  

Evaluative Metering +1/3 stop: 1/320 sec. at f/3.5.     

On Monday morning (after waking up five minutes before midnight and being unable to get back to sleep at all!), Antti, one of the club members, graciously took me on a short a tour of Haukkalampi which is just on the outskirts of Helsinki.

Here I darkened the sky using the Multiply technique taught to me by Alex Furman on last September’s Bear Boat trip.  The next Digital Basics update will feature a host of new tricks (including many that Alex taught me).


“The Shorebird Guide” by Michael O’Brien, Richard Crossley, and Kevin Karlson .This fine book loaded with photographs (more than 800, including a few of yours truly) and 100s of tips on shorebird identification and ageing, is recommended only for serious shorebird lunatics like myself.  I would humbly suggest my “Shorebirds: Beautiful Beachcombers” ( for folks just getting interested shorebirds.  Once you get hooked you will not be able to live without a copy of “The Shorebird Guide”

 Here is a link to the book

 “Arctic Wings; Birds of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge”is a compilation of essays about and photographs of the birds of ANWR. (Subhankar Banerjee’s book, “Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; Seasons of Life and Land” raised congressional and public awareness of the drilling threat and has thus far kept the refuge safe from oil exploration.)  I am honored to be listed as one of the five principal photographers for ”Arctic Wings”  along with Banerjee, Steven Kaslowski, Hugh Rose, and the later Michio Hoshino.  The book includes a foreword by Jimmy Carter, an introduction by David Sibley, and eleven informative and moving essays. 

 Here is a link to the book:  (

 “Between the Wingtips” by Brutus Östling and Magnus Ullman.   Brutus, a Swedish publisher, is a multi-IPT veteran having traveled twice to Africa with Todd and me.  He is a good friend and—as the book shows—a fine photographer.  More than a few of the images were created while Brutus was on an IPT.  The text by Ullman contains lot of interesting information on the natural history of birds.  The book has been published in both Sweden and the US.

 Here is a link to the book:

 “Big Sky; Wild West Panorama” by Tim Fitzharris.  Tim Fitzharris a good friend, one of the top nature photographers in the world, and a prolific author, has produced an absolutely breath-taking book.  It is a large book and each of the spectacular panoramic images is more than 27 inches wide and 9 inches high, and each is a visual feast; you just want to look, and look, and look some more.  The images were created by stitching together three to five 22 megapixel digital images.  

 Here is a link to the book:

 “Return to Wild America; A Yearlong Search for the Continent’s Natural Soul” by Scott Weidensaul.  Fifty years ago Roger Tory Peterson and James Fisher of the UK published “Wild America.”   Gifted naturalist and author Scott Weidensaul spent a year retracing their steps and in “Return” he eloquently documents his rather surprising findings.  Scott is an incredible writer.  His “Living on the Wind was one of three books nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for non-fiction.”  It is the only natural history book that I have ever read that gave me goose bumps with every turn of the page. 

Here is a link to “Return to Wild America”:

 And here is a link to “Living on the Wind”: 


Fall Color, Haukkalampi (Hawk Lake) National Park, Espoo, Finland  

Image copyright 2006:  Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

Canon 500mm f/4L IS lens with 1.4X II TC and EOS-1Ds Mark II.   ISO 400.  

Evaluative Metering +1/3 stop: 1/8 sec. at f/29 in Tv Mode for perfect control of blur speed.      

 Here I picked my two compositional anchors (the dark tress on the right) and panned the tripod-mounted lens vertically.  I varied the speed of the pan and kept checking the LCD display to make sure that I had a least a few with the darker trees positioned in the frame as I wished.  When Antti saw this one on the back of the camera he said, “I have been coming up here for years and never considered using that technique until now, that in spite of the fact that I have used it often at other locations!”  Do not be afraid to think out of the box…



 We still have room for lots more folks.  The Albuquerque “The Art of Nature Photography; It Ain’t Just Birds” Weekend Seminar will take place at the Park Plaza Hotel, 2500 Carlisle Boulevard NE in Albuquerque on December 2-3, 2006.  Saturday will be devoted to learning the techniques needed to create pleasingly designed, technically perfect images of natural history subjects.  Saturday topics will include getting the right exposure, advanced composition and image design, making sharp images, creating effective motion and zoom blurs, using flash as fill and as main light, and tips for getting close to free and wild birds and animals.  Sunday will be devoted entirely to Digital Photography and Photoshop with much of the time being spent on live Photoshop demonstrations.  On our IPTs I see many great photographs that are ruined because folks have no clue as to how to effectively optimize their images.  Join us to learn how to make your images look great in minutes.  

 Paypal is best but we will be glad to take your credit card information by phone (863-692-0906) or to cash your check.  If sending a check, please make it out to “Arthur Morris” and send it to us at BIRDS AS ART, PO Box 7145, Indian Lake Estates, FL 33855.  Be sure to include your snail mail and e-mail addresses and your day, evening, and cell phone numbers.  The cost of the weekend seminar is $159.  The cost of either single day is $99.  Register with a friend or spouse and take $10 off each registration.  Register with three or more friends and take $20 off of each registration.  Here is our Cancellation Policy:  If for any reason you need to withdraw, please notify us ASAP. Once we receive your e-mail, phone call, or written notice of your cancellation the following fees apply: cancel before September 2, 2006 and your fee will be refunded less a $20.00 cancellation fee; cancel by November 2, 2006 and your fee will be refunded less a $50.00 cancellation fee; cancel after November 2, 2006 and there will be no refund.



Fall Color Reflections, North Chagrin Reservation, Cleveland, OH

Image copyright 2006: Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

Canon 500mm f/4L IS lens with EOS-1Ds Mark II.  ISO 400.  

Evaluative Metering +1 stop: 1/200 sec. at f/8.     

The reflections at North Chagrin were spectacular; you did not even need a bird in the frame to make a pleasing image. And remember, It Ain’t Just Birds!  (See you in Albuquerque.)




 As most of you know, I have used Delkin e-Film Pro Compact Flash Cards for more than 3 ½ years now and have found them to be fast and dependable.  I have been using the Delkin 2gb and 4gb cards exclusively now for more than two years and have experienced one card failure, that with a very old 2gb card about a month ago.  Delkin promptly replaced the card.  Do remember that I take tens of thousands of images in a given year.  We have joined with Delkin to ensure that we can offer you the great e-Film Pro Cards at very low prices in any quantity that you might need:

 1gb Delkin e-film Pro Card:      $44.98  

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 Please add $7.00 per order shipping and handling. Florida residents please add 7% sales tax to the cost of the cards only.



Royal Tern, winter plumage in flight, Fort DeSoto Park, St. Petersburg, FL  

Image copyright 2006: Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

non 400mm f/5.6 lens (handheld) with EOS-1D Mark IIN.  ISO 400.  

Evaluative Metering -1/ stop: 1/3200 sec. at f/8 in Manual Mode.     

When combined with the 1D Mark II N, my beloved toy lens is deadly for handheld flight photography.



Charles Needle, a friend and a fine photographer, had a last-minute cancellation for his upcoming Fall Color in the Smokies Workshop (Oct. 25-29, 2006) in Townsend, TN.  It is not too late to register.  For details, visit (and scroll down to the bottom) or give Charlie a call at 770-752-8566.  (Note: that is not me in the photo at the bottom of Charlie’s workshop page though it sure as heck looks just like me!)

 Fall color in Great Smoky Mountains National Park is spectacular and there will be lots of personalized in-the-field instruction, assignments, image evaluations, classroom lectures and more.  You can learn more about Charlie here:  Be sure to check out the various galleries; his “Abstract” gallery is my favorite. 



Herring Gull, immature with prey (Lookdown), Fort DeSoto Park, St. Petersburg, FL  

Image copyright 2006: Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

 Canon 500mm f/4L IS lens with 1.4X II TC and EOS-1Ds Mark II.  ISO 400.  

Evaluative Metering +2/3 stop: 1/80 sec. at f/5.6. Fill flash with Better Beamer at -1 stop.      

Working in the predawn light, I used lots of flash to light the subject. 




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