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PORTLAND, MAINE: “The Art of Nature Photography; It Ain’t Just Birds” Weekend How-To Seminar






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Photographic theme:  Images from a recent trip to Fort DeSoto Park, St. Petersburg, FL


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                Osprey, juvenile in flight, Fort DeSoto Park, Tierra Verde, FL

             Image Copyright 2008:  Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART 

Canon 400mm f/4 IS DO lens handheld with the EOS -40D.  ISO 500.  Evaluative metering + 1 2/3 stops off the sky set manually: 1/1000 sec. at f/5.6. High speed synch on camera fill flash at -1 stop.

I made this single frame of an Osprey as it glided over me while quartering the wind.  I visited DeSoto last Tuesday and Wednesday and found it quite excellent.  You can check out our DeSoto Site Guide (and the rest of our great Site Guides) here:  This image was cropped from the bottom and I added a bit of canvas on the left.  Even in the RAW file, the eyes look huge and bugged out. Image quality of the 40D is simply superb. There were a few flashing highlights in the white sky; this ensured that I had a perfect exposure for the bird. 



Chris Dodds is offering a substantial late registration discount for Gannets Galore #3.  Please call Chris either at home at 1-450-827-1007 or on his cell at 1- 514-945-6195 for full details.  The first two trips are sold out.  Registrations will be accepted on a first come/first served basis. 

Gannets Galore: Aug. 20-22, 2008.  Limit 6 - 6 openings CAD $1995.00.   Introductory Slide Program: 7pm on AUG 19. Leader: Chris Dodds

Join Chris on the ferry for an additional day or two of great photography on your own before or after the trip (or both).   

You can find the complete details (including travel info and unsolicited testimonials) here:

You must contact Chris to register.  To see the images from my first trip to Bonaventure click here:



Snowy Egret in blasting highlights, Fort DeSoto Park, Tierra Verde, FL

             Image Copyright 2008:  Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART 


Canon 400mm DO IS lens, the 1.4X II TC, and the EOS 40D handheld while on my belly and up on my elbows to get the background that I wanted.  ISO 200. Evaluative metering -1 1/3 stops: 1/1600 at f/20. 

This Snowy Egret with a conveniently misplaced feather was photographed against the blinding reflections of the sun on the lagoon at North Beach.  This image exhibited a very few flashing highlights that were easily recovered during conversion.   With most of the Canon pro bodies the correct exposure for this type of image would be between -2 and -3 stops.







For the past eight months I had been attempting to get the original “The Art of Bird Photography; The Complete Guide to Professional Field Techniques” reprinted in soft cover with a new title, “The Art of Bird Photography.”  The company that I was working with originally—a company that shall remain un-named—was (though it had come highly recommended by Tim Fitzharris) so far beyond incompetent that it boggled the mind..   About three weeks ago I canceled my order with them and began working with the CS Graphics in Singapore, the company that originally printed the book for Amphoto, NY.  Things are going well.


(I have been promised that I will shortly receive a check for the full amount of my deposit from the original company but it has not arrived yet…) 


In any case the cover proofs are on the way as I type.  As the book will be shipped via slow boat, we have arranged to have a box or two sent via Federal Express to arrive here the first week of September.  The bulk of the 5,000 copies that we have ordered will likely be here in early to mid-October.  I need to know about how many books to have Fed-Xed as shipping books internationally by courier is quite expensive. The book will sell for $40 plus shipping ($5.00 to all US addresses/ $12.00 to all foreign addresses).   Those who have been anxious to get a copy (we have seen them selling used on Amazon for several hundred dollars) are invited to order an early delivery-option copy as follows:  $40 for the book plus a $10 early delivery-surcharge plus the regular shipping charges (as noted above).  Do note that though we will be receiving our advance copies via Fed-X from Singapore that the book you purchase will be sent book rate to US addresses.  This service normally takes 7-10 days but is sometimes surprisingly faster.  Those in a real hurry can e-mail Jim to inquire about the cost of 2nd day air shipping.


Important note:  we are not accepting pre-orders for the books that will arrive here in October.   We are only accepting early delivery-option orders:  $50 plus shipping as above.  Paypal, check, or credit card by phone (863-692-0906) are all fine. 


For those who do not know much about the original “The Art of Bird Photography,” it was first published in hard cover in 1998 and quickly became the classic how-to book on the subject.  That printing was followed by two soft cover printings.  With 30,000 copies sold in less than a decade it was a big surprise when Amphoto dropped the title. The very great strength of the book is the chapter on Exposure which offers complete coverage of exposure theory and its practical application.   I have received countless e-mails and letters over the years reading something like this:  “I have been photographing for more than a decade, have attended many seminars, and read every book out there but not until I read and studied the chapter on exposure in ABP did I really understand both the basics and the complexities.  Now I can not only come up with the right exposure in almost every situation but I understand what I am doing and why.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  In addition, all of the basics are covered in detail in ABP:  composition and image design, how to choose lenses, camera bodies, & film, how to see and utilize natural light, how to make sharp images, how to get close to free and wild birds, how to use flash as both main light and as fill, and how to edit and market your work.  There is no digital content in the original “The Art of Bird Photography.”  Important note:  with the exception of these two sections:  “Exposure Simplified” and “Flash Simplified,” the content of “The Art of Bird Photography II (916 pages on CD only: is all-new.



Marbled Godwit, striding, Fort DeSoto Park, Tierra Verde, FL

             Image Copyright 2008:  Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART 

Canon 400mm f/4 IS DO lens handheld with the EOS -40D.  ISO 500.  Evaluative metering + 1 stop set manually: 1/1000 sec. at f/5.6. High speed synch on camera fill flash at -2 stops.

Working handheld with the 400 DO gives you much more maneuverability than you have when using a tripod.   The lens weighs less than four pounds with the tripod collar removed. 




For the past few months when viewing images first in Photoshop and then in Breezebrowser, I had noticed a big difference in the appearance of many images.   As I use my X-Rite (formerly Greg-tag MacBeth) Eye One Pro Spectrophotometer to calibrate my monitors every week or two, I was really confused as to the color management problems.   (For information on X-rite Eye One Match products click here:  The complete line of X-Rite products is available from Hunt’s Photo and Video.)  All serious digital photographers should be calibrating their monitors on a regular basis.


I mentioned the problem to Robert O’Toole and he stated that he had been experiencing the same thing. Only he did something about it; he found the problem and the solution.   Go to Breezebrowser and click on File/Preferences/Image Display and check the box for “Enable Monitor Color Profile.”  Problem solved!  Thanks to Robert O'Toole for keeping me from going nuts. 


For an interesting thread on color management and color profile issues, check out this BPN thread:  New visitors will be prompted to register.  Registration is free.




Sandwich Tern, juvenile, double overhead wing stretch, Fort DeSoto Park, Tierra Verde, FL

             Image Copyright 2008:  Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART 


Canon 400mm DO IS lens, the 1.4X II TC, and the EOS 40D handheld while on my belly getting my elbows rubbed raw.  ISO 400. Evaluative metering +1 1/3 stops: 1/200 at f/10.  Flash mounted on camera; fill flash at -1 stop.


I was working wide open but when the bird began to stretch I quickly went to f/10.  I focused on the eye with One-shot AF and then recomposed. All of the techniques used to create these first three images plus hundreds more are covered in detail in ABP II (916 pages on CD only):  To see how the folks at BPN helped me figure out what was wrong with the original capture, click here:  New visitors will be prompted to register.  Registration is free.


PORTLAND, MAINE: “The Art of Nature Photography; It Ain’t Just Birds” Weekend How-To Seminar


The Art of Nature Photography; It Ain’t Just Birds” Weekend How-To Seminar in Portland, Maine

October 11-12, 2008

Eastland Park Hotel, 157 High Street, Portland, ME


This seminar is for all nature photographers who want to learn how to make better photographs. On Saturday I will describe the methods and techniques that I have used and developed since 1983.  My comments on lenses and digital camera bodies, AF, light, and on composition and image design will be highly informative and educational.  And my tips on getting close to free and wild subjects and creating pleasing blurs will help you become a better photographer.  Everyone with a telephoto lens who wishes to dramatically improve the quality of their images will benefit from attending. 


Since going all-digital in November 2002, I have—with the help of many wonderful friends—become a Photoshop expert.  My approach to optimizing images is to create master files of excellent quality in the shortest possible time.  I will share our workflow and numerous Digital and Photoshop tips on Sunday.  As more and more folks are using Digital Capture, I am finding on our IPTs that many good to excellent photographers have no clue as to how to use Photoshop to make their images look better.  In fact, many of them make their best images look worse!  I can and will teach you to do just that at this seminar.  


Do consider taking advantage of the opportunity to spend two days learning from one of the premier nature photography educators on the planet by joining me for this great weekend.  The October 11-12 dates were carefully chosen to coincide roughly with the average peak of fall color in southern Maine.  The likelihood is that if you are coming from out of town and would like to photograph the fall color the best bet (taking global warming and the trends in recent years) would be to schedule your photography in the days following the seminar.  Every year, however, is different, and this is nature photography so there are no guarantees, but chances are, whether you photograph just before or just after the seminar you should have many chances to create some great images.  Best bet: come a few days early and stay on for a few days…  (Hint:  hope for a pre-dawn rainstorm followed by the sun breaking through in the east while grayish-black storm clouds fill the western sky…)


The seminar will be held at the Eastland Park Hotel.   Folks staying at least two nights in the hotel will receive a free Lens Pen Combo Kit at the seminar.  As fall color time is peak season in southern Maine, hotel rates are high anywhere in the region.  We were able to negotiate a rate of $159 for folks registering early.  Once the block of rooms is gone, higher rates will apply.  The doors will open on both days at 8 am and the programs will begin at 9 am sharp.  There will be tons of great door prizes (including Delkin e-film Pro compact flash cards and some great stuff from Lowepro and Wimberley).  I hope that you will be able to join me for what will be an incredibly educational and fun-filled weekend.  (If anyone would like to help us set up or to hang out, be there at 7:00am.)


The cost of the weekend seminar will be $169.  The cost of either single day will be $99.  Members of qualifying camera clubs are invited to apply a $10 discount.  (If you are a member of a camera club or other photography organization please e-mail us before registering to learn how your group can become a qualifying club).  Register with a friend or a spouse and take $10 off each registration.  Register in groups of four or more and take $20 off of each registration.   Register in a group of ten or more and take $30 off each registration.  It is highly recommend that folks purchase the buffet luncheon option ($15/day includes tip and tax).  Those purchasing the lunch option will receive their lunch coupon when they check in each morning.)  The cost of the weekend seminar plus the two lunches is $199.


There are three ways to register:


1- Send a check for the full amount made out to "Arthur Morris" to PO Box 7245, Indian Lake Estates, FL 33855.

2- Call us with a credit card at 863-692-0906.

3- Send us a Paypal (using either any link on our site or your Paypal account) to us at


In all cases, we will need your e-mail address, your mailing address, and your daytime and evening phone numbers.  


Here is our Cancellation Policy:  If for any reason you need to withdraw, please notify us ASAP. Once we receive your e-mail, your phone call, or written notice of your cancellation the following fees apply: cancel before July 10, 2008 and your fee will be refunded less a $20.00 cancellation fee; cancel by August 10, 2008 and your fee will be refunded less a $50.00 cancellation fee; cancel after September 10, 2008 and there will be no refund. 



Royal Tern, immature in flight, Fort DeSoto Park, Tierra Verde, FL

             Image Copyright 2008:  Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART 

Canon 400mm f/4 IS DO lens handheld with the EOS -40D.  ISO 500.  Evaluative metering + 1 2/3 stops off the sky set manually: 1/1000 sec. at f/5.6. High speed synch on camera fill flash at -2 stops.

I just love the freedom of taking a walk with the handheld 400 DO and the EOS-40D.  And my ailing shoulder and elbow are most thankful.  I love both the wing position and the placement of the horizon line in this image.  I had positioned myself to photograph the birds that were landing but this young one was taking off.  







Everglades National Park, Jan 16-18, 2009

Everglades National Park, Feb 20-22, 2009

North Everglades, March 13-15, 2009 (Wakodahatchee, Green Cay and Long Key)

All workshops are 3 days, orientation and slide show the night before. Price per person is $999, which covers all instruction. Lodging, transportation and meals are not covered. Maximum 10 participants per workshop.  We will have six “in the field” sessions (weather permitting) and three classroom sessions. In the unlikely event of bad weather, classroom sessions will replace the field sessions. We will focus on developing your vision and personal style. Creativity will be encouraged. There will be Lightroom and CS3 tutorials as well as artistic use of PS filters and blending modes. The use of some popular PS plug-ins will also be covered.  There will be a critique session to evaluate your work on the last classroom session.

Come join us in the land of magic and take fresh ideas, motivation and great images with you.

For more information, e-mail Fabs at or call (305) 710-7748.  To learn more about Al and Fabs visit:

Robert O’Toole Bear Boat Openings



Coastal Brown Bears—large cubs playing, Katmai National Park, AK 

Image Copyright 2008:  Robert O’Toole Photography 

Robert asked me to let everyone know that he has several openings on the September 10-16, 2008 Bear Boat trip to Katmai.  This is just about peak for the salmon run and you will get to photograph bears catching salmon every day. You can find complete details here:

It is best to contact Robert for more information via e-mail as he will be in Australia for at least a week or two:  For when he gets back his cell is 1-310.619.8017.

You can learn more about Robert at 

 Flight School Goes to Bosque with Jim Neiger

With thousands of migratory birds in flight daily at Bosque Del Apache, what better site for Flight School Photography workshops?  Last year’s workshops were a huge success, so once again, Flight School Photography returns to Bosque.  We are anticipating improved conditions and even more outstanding photographic opportunities than last year. There will be two workshops each conducted by expert bird photographer Jim Neiger.  Jim has spent the past several years perfecting his unique techniques for photographing birds in flight using large telephoto lenses, hand held.  The focus of these workshops will be learning and practicing Jim’s hand held, long lens techniques for photographing birds in flight and in action. 

The workshops will be held in November, before Thanksgiving, which provides important advantages.  First, the spectacular fall colors at Bosque are not to be missed and going early will provide that opportunity.  The fall foliage offers incredibly beautiful backgrounds for your photos, and adds even more majesty to the already spectacular sunrises and sunsets.  Second, going early means there will be less of a crowd, offering more opportunities for “front-row seats” and leisurely days in the field.  Each workshop will include 2 hours of classroom instruction on the first afternoon, a welcome dinner, and a morning and an afternoon photography session each day. 

Flight School Goes to Bosque BAA-Approved Workshops: NOV 14-17 and NOV 18-21, 2008.  3-DAY: $1000.  (Limit 8.)  

Contact Jim by cell phone at 1-407-247-5200 or by e-mail at  Visit his web site at: 


Bosque IPT #1:  NOV 22-25, 2008.  Slide program on the evening of NOV 21.  4-DAY:  $1799  Limit: 10/Openings:  1 

Bosque IPT #2:  NOV 29-DEC 2, 2008.  Slide program on the evening of NOV 28. 4-DAY:  $1799  Limit: 10/Openings: 3

SW FLA POST X-MAS IPT: DEC 27-29 or 30, 2008.  Slide program on the evening of DEC 26.   4-DAY: $1799   (3-DAY OPTION:  $1349)  Limit: 10/Openings: 4

SW FLA PRESIDENT'S DAY IPT: FEB 13-17, 2009.  Slide program on the evening of FEB 12.   5-DAY: $2249   Limit: 10/Openings: 4 



White Ibis, one year old, Fort DeSoto Park, Tierra Verde, FL

             Image Copyright 2008:  Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART 

Canon 400mm f/4 IS DO lens handheld with the EOS -40D.  ISO 800.  Evaluative metering + 1 stop:  1/800 sec. at f/4. High speed synch on-camera fill flash at -1 stop.


I gave this unique bird lots of attention.  The original of this, my favorite image in the series, was a bit too low in the frame.  I did, however, have many similar images so I simply borrowed some water from one of those images, expanded canvas, and added the water at the bottom of the frame above via a Quick Mask.  As I have said many times, the beauty of Quick Masking is that the edges of the selection blend seamlessly.  You can learn the basics of Quick Masking in the latest update of Digital Basics (  For advanced techniques see Robert O’Toole’s amazing APTATS PDF here:





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Great Blue Heron, immature in the rain, Fort DeSoto Park, Tierra Verde, FL

             Image Copyright 2008:  Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART 


Canon 600mm f/4L IS lens with the EOS 40D from the vehicle with a BLUBB.  ISO 400. Evaluative metering +1 stop: 1/250 sec. at f/4.  

This is a six-frame stitched panorama, three across by two high.  Photoshop CS3’s File/Automate/Photomerge feature is easy to use and remarkably effective.  If you work from your car with a big lens you need a BLUBB: The Big Lens Ultimate BeanBag is available only through BAA Mail-order.


Best and love and great picture-making to all,


Note: Arthur Morris has been a Canon contract photographer since 1996 and continues in that role today.  Hunt's Photo of Boston, MA is a BAA sponsor as is Delkin Devices.  Back issues of all BAA Bulletins can be found in the Bulletin Archives which may be accessed from the home page at To unsubscribe click here: unsubscribe.