The Hummingbird Guide – How to Photograph Hummingbirds Using High-Speed Multiple Flash by LINDA ROBBINS with Arthur Morris


Purple-throated Woodstar, male.  Guango Lodge, Ecuador, Image Copyright 2008:  Linda Robbins

Canon 500mm f/4L IS lens, 25mm extension tube, 12mm extension tube, and an EOS-1D Mark II N mounted on a tripod.  ISO 400.Manual mode:  1/250 sec. at f20.  Seven flash set-up. 

Linda Robbins began work on this guide in late 2007 and promised that it would be finished by February 1, 2008…   As you might guess, it turned out to be a lot more work than Linda envisioned.  We now have the first 100 CDs burned and ready to ship, and believe me, the guide was well worth waiting for. 


There is a smattering of information available on line and in various books and publications, but never before has everything that you need to know to get started in this highly specialized field of photography been assembled in one place in a pleasingly designed, easy-to-read format.  The guide is comprehensive in its scope; among the topics covered are choosing cameras and lenses, suitable tripods and tripod heads, choosing and purchasing suitable flashes, the needed equipment (flash stands, articulated arms, mini ball heads, etc.), choosing and setting up your feeder(s), how to create your artificial backgrounds, detailed, step-by-step instructions on setting up including flash and background placement, determining the right exposure, an explanation of the flash theory involved in high speed flash hummingbird photography, helpful odds and ends, digital and Photoshop considerations, the best rechargeable batteries and battery chargers, dealing with ants, bees and wasps at the set-up, dealing with the guarding birds that keep all others away from the set-up, the best photographic strategies including focus-acquisition tips, introducing perches to the set-up, and  selecting flowers and adding them to the set-up.  In addition, Linda writes eloquently on the topic of becoming addicted to high speed flash hummingbird photography (consider yourself fore-warned).  Also included is an informative section entitled “About Hummingbirds.”  Photographing perched hummers, creating pleasingly blurred images, and using macro lenses for hummingbird head-portraits are dealt with in photo-illustrated gallery format. 


The section on needed equipment is especially impressive as Linda does a thorough job of exploring the variously priced options  and lets you know exactly what she is using at present.  The book is lavishly illustrated with both of our images (most of them, and all of the very best, are Linda’s.)  


In truth, I cannot say enough in praise of this great new work.  Linda is a skilled photographer and her hummingbird images are among the best you will see anywhere.  And Linda is a skilled writer.  I enjoyed both editing her words and authoring a section or two for the guide.  Your purchase will include periodic free updates via e-mail PDF files.


You can order your copy of “The Hummingbird Guide – How to Photograph Hummingbirds Using High-Speed Multiple Flash” (on CD only) today for $50 plus $3 shipping and handling ($53 total) in the US.  Florida residents need to add 7% sales tax:  $53.50 plus the $3 shipping and handling ($56.50 total).  To Canada the cost is $50 plus $6 shipping ($56 total).   For overseas customers the cost will be $50 plus $8 shipping and handling ($58 total).   A check made out to “Arthur Morris” and sent to us at BIRDS AS ART, PO Box 7245, Indian Lake Estates, FL 33855 is fine.  As is a Paypal payment.  Or, call us at 863-692-0906 with credit card in hand. 




Whether you are just thinking about getting started in this field or have been doing it for years, there is tons for you to learn from Linda’s great new guide.  We are proud to add it to the BIRDS AS ART information-in-digital-form line-up.   Even better news for folks who can never envision spending big bucks on a flash set-up and traveling overseas with all that gear:  Linda will be leading several high speed flash hummer trips to various South and Central American hotspots. All you need to do is bring a camera, lens, tripod, and tripod head and show up.  Linda will have everything else that you need.  Two photographers per set-up.  For info write Linda at


Lastly, BAA Mail Order will be carrying most of the specialty items that you need to get started; details to follow.