SEPTEMBER 24, 2004
 Bulletin Archive
Photo Theme: More of Todd Gustafson's images from the recent Kenya Photo Safari
Hippo yawning, Maasai Mara, Kenya 
Image copyright 2004 Todd Gustafson
Todd had just gotten finished alerting us, "Don't concentrate on one animal or you will miss the action--let your eyes keep moving."  I was looking through my lens at one hippo when Todd made this image... 
By the time I reacted to the stacatto burst from his camera, it was too late.  I should have listened!
Bare-faced Go-Away Bird, Kenya
Image copyright 2004 Todd Gustafson
Todd had never even seen this bird despite his numerous visits to Africa.  Note the perfect head turn here that resulted in the subject's (bare) face being perfectly lit. 
African lion/estrus face, Maasai Mara, Kenya 
Image copyright 2004 Todd Gustafson
Toddi located an unseen pride of lions by noting and interpreting the behavior of a large herd of Wildebeest on a hilltop. 
Best and love and great picture making to all,