Birds As Art Notes/April 27, 2010

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Painted Bunting, male, Cozad Ranch, Linn, TX
Image copyright 2009/Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART
Canon 800mm f/5.6 L IS lens with the 1.4X II TC, a 25mm Extension tube, and the EOS-1D Mark III.  ISO 500. Evaluative metering +1/3 stop: 1/400 sec. at f/13. Fill flash at -3 stops with Better Beamer.   
The Cozad Ranch in early May is a great place for this beautiful and much sought-after species.  Note that with the over-the-shoulder pose I have gone to a small aperture.  
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Bronzed Cowbird, displaying male, Ramirez Ranch, Roma, TX
Image copyright 2009/Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART
Canon 500mm f/4L IS lens with the EOS-1D Mark III.  ISO 800.  Evaluative metering +2/3 stop: 1/160 sec. at f/5.6. Fill flash at -2 stops with Better Beamer.   
This species is one of my Valley favorites.  I used an off-centered AF sensor to come up with the composition that I wanted.

I have  a single photographer signed up for two days of private instruction, April 29-30.  I am looking to book a few more private days in early May.  We will run to the coast at Padre Island for a fallout if there are some north winds.  I will be on the Cozad Ranch May 4-5.   I will be visiting a new and exciting inland location for Least Grebes, Black-necked Stilt, breeding plumage Ruddy Duck, Black-bellied and Fulvous Whistling Ducks plus lots more as well as a new photography ranch.  Join me for in-the-field instruction and side by side editing and Photoshop sessions. Just you and me.  Includes any ranch fees and a ride with me.  (Two folks?  Please inquire).  Though extremely short notice, this does represent a once in a life time opportunity to improve your photography immensely.  Best to phone me immediately at 863-692-0906 today or on my cell at 863-221-2372 tomorrow or thereafter.  Please leave a call back time and number if I do not pick up.  An e-mail to me should work as well: highly discounted private days are priced at $500 per day. 

Pyrrhuloxia, male on perch, Cozad Ranch, Linn, TX
Image copyright 2009/Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART
Canon 800mm f/5.6 L IS lens with the 1.4X II TC and the EOS-1D Mark III.  ISO 500. Evaluative metering +2/3 stop: 1/80 sec. at f/11.     
Pyrrhuloxia is one of several Rio Grande Valley specialties that I will get to photograph soon; care to join me? <smile>
Best and great picture-making,
Note: Arthur Morris has been a paid Canon contract photographer, part of the Explorers of Light program, since 1996 and continues in that role today.  Hunt's Photo of Boston, MA is a BAA sponsor as is Delkin Devices.  Back issues of all BAA Bulletins can be found in the Bulletin Archives that may be accessed here: