James Shadle

James Shadle James Shadle is an international award winning nature and wildlife photographer and Florida Master Naturalist, his work has been featured in numerous publications including: National Geographic Adventure Magazine, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Audubon Magazine, National Wildlife Magazine, Pop Photographer Magazine, Shutterbug Magazine, and Visions Magazine, to name a few.

As a Florida Master Naturalist, James is qualified to teach you about your subject as well as the technical skills needed to photograph it beautifully. James was born in Tampa, Florida in 1958, and grew up in rural Hillsborough County, playing in woods and fields where homes and businesses now stand. Till this day, he still lives only a few miles away from where he was raised. So to say that James is a native is an understatement.

Follow James’s latest news: http://www.inthefieldworkshops.com Admire his work: http://www.wildflorida.net/gallery.aspx