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Hello Again Again Bird Photographers,

     Bulletin subscriber Jeff Wooton writes: FYI - The "Filter Connection" ( has Sanyo 2CR5 batteries at $4.69 for 5 or more.
I have not had a chance to check this lead out, but if you do, let us know if the price still holds. 
Here are snatches from several recent e-mails along with my responses.  You may or may not find them interesting.  I find myself typing similar responses often and would like to share some of my thoughts with you here.  (I NEVER mind answering questions that are not covered in my books or in the FAQs on my web site.)
1-"We are visiting Florida in March, any suggestions other than those in your book, would be greatly appreciated."

Folks often think that I have some secret spots that I keep to myself.  When
they see me in the same places that I take them to on my IPTs they are often surprised.  I make wonderful images by returning to the same great spots year after year, by learning the birds, the light, and the backgrounds.  And by trying to see with fresh vision.   If we meet in FLA, you'll find me at
Ding Darling, , Blind Pass, the fishing pier, Estero Lagoon, or the Venice Rookery...  Don't be surprised.
2-"I must say that I am a wee tad envious of your 600mm lens."

Photographers make images, not lenses.  Lenses are tools.  Lens envy is not a good thing.

"I have had to shoot within my means so far, that being an FD 300mm f4 on a T90, and long for the day when I can get that much closer without having to resort to stealth as much!"
Stealth and great vision will produce far better images than a long lens in the hands of a lousy photographer.
3-(From a Pribilofs IPT paritcipant  who has become a good friend):
I am the best in what I do with my work in the theater.

"Best is good.  It's something that I always dreamed of but never achieved
until bird photography."

You are the best in what you do.

"Thanks!  Lots of people think that.  That is a good thing, and it thrills me."

About 30 people ask me questions about the theater on and off all day long.  People from all over the world ask you questions.  I have to help them solve their problems if I want to eat and play.  You have  to help them solve their problems if you want to eat and play.

"I don't have to at all.  Many top pros don't answer anybody.  Some, like Moose Peterson answer everybody, often 100 or more a day. At times it
gets a bit tiring for me, but I live and feed off the attention, off of
people wanting to know what I think.  And then getting profuse thanks is just icing on the cake.  The same goes for all the wonderful e-mails I receive complimenting my books, or my leasdership of the IPTs.   I
AM TOTALLY EGO DRIVEN.  Lucky for you and the rest of the knowledge-seekers."

I am used to having the answers.  On St. Paul, I didn't have the answers.
YOU had the answers.  It's not that I thought it would be easy, it's that I
didn't have a clue.  Well, I do now and it's damned exciting and just a
little scary."
"And not exactly easy."

"I don't want to answer thirty people's questions every day the rest of my

"For me, it works for now......"

I want to make beautiful pictures and write about what I see and what I
think and make other people see the same thing.  And have fun doing it.
YOU helped my understand that I might be able to do that.

"I'm glad.  That IS what I do, but I also answer 30 questions a day. "
>Artie, you know before I went to St. Paul, I had never ever heard of IPTs
or you or any of your friends or peers.  I started at zero.  I didn't know
what I was missing.  A whole new world.  I love it.

"Me too."
If you got this far, then you must have found this post mildly interesting.
Best and great picture making!
Arthur Morris
And welcome to all the new Moose-news folks!

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