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RTP-63: Heerman's Gull

RTP-51: Black-necked Stilt Chick

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All BIRDS AS ART digital images are now available as signed prints

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Print Paper Size Print Only  
8.5" X 11"$99.95 
11.7" X 16.5"$159.95 
13" x 19"$199.95 
24" X 30"$349.95 

Size shown is the size of the paper. The image, with borders on all four size, will be aesthetically fit to the canvas size. The borders allow for easy matting.

13 2/3 X 20" Laser Light Exhibition Quality Prints are available for $224.95.  (See Print List below.)

11X14" Fine Prints of selected images are available for $59.95.  (See Print List below.)

Please allow 1 week for delivery of most digital prints and 2-3 weeks for the 24" X 30" prints. If you wish to have your print signed, your order may be delayed depending on my travel schedule.

For prints up to 11.7 X 16.5"please add $6.95 to all orders for shipping, protective packaging, and handling.  For prints 13X19" or larger, please add $9.95. 

Please e-mail for additional overseas shipping charges.

Overseas folks are best off using the e-mail address as many attempting to e-mail us at the address from Europe and Asia have encountered problems.

Florida residents please add 7% sales tax on prints and matted prints. (There is no tax on shipping and handling charges.)

Be sure to specify the print or prints that you would like to purchase and the size or sizes.

Please call our office with any questions regarding print sales. We now accept credit cards over the phone.  

Or, send a check made out  to "Arthur Morris" for the full amount to:

4041 Granada Drive, P.O. BOX 7245,
Indian Lake Estates, FL 33855

To pay by credit card online, please click here:


RTP-1: Nashville Warbler, Point Pelee National Park, Ontario.

Print List

Various Images Appear On Other Pages Of The Birds As Art Web Site.

Spring Warblers
RTP-1 Nashville Warbler**
RTP-2 Blackburnian Warbler**
RTP-3 Cape May Warbler
RTP-4 Black-throated Green Warbler

Water Birds
RTP-5 Purple Gallinule Blur**
RTP-6 Brown Pelican Portrait (Vertical) (Sold out)
RTP-7 Brown Pelican Head Throw (Vertical)
RTP-8 Whooping Crane "Bridal Veil" (Vertical)**
RTP-9 Clark's Grebes Courtship Feeding
RTP-10 Double-Crested Cormorant Sunset Silhouette (Vertical)
RTP-12 Pacific Loon On Nest (Vertical)**
RTP-13 White Pelican In Flight

AM-5 Reddish Egret (white phase) dancing**

RTP-18: Snow Geese in Purple Sky.

Bosque Del Apache NWR, New Mexico
RTP-14 Snow Geese/ "Blizzard In Blue"**
RTP-15 Snow Geese Sunrise Birdscape
RTP-16 Five Northern Shovelers Tipping Up
RTP-17 Snow Geese Roosting "Pretty In Pink"**
RTP-18 Snow Geese In Purple Sky**
RTP-19 Sandhill Cranes Pair In Flight**
RTP-20 Sandhill Cranes In Red Mist**
RTP-21 Snow Goose Landing "Snow Angel"
RTP-65 Snow Geese Fire In the Mist **                

AM-1  Duck Butts (Northern Shovelers)**

Perching Birds
RTP-22 Kingfisher Screaming Against Sun
RTP-23 Marsh Wren Singing (Vertical)
RTP-24 Eastern Meadowlark Singing**
RTP-25 Little Bee-Eater, Kenya (Vertical)
RTP-26 Northern Flicker (Vertical)**               

AM-6 Mountain Bluebirds**

RTP-66: White Phase Reddish Egret

Wading Birds
RTP-27 Snowy Egret In Flight**
RTP-28 Reddish Egret Breeding Plumage Head Shot
RTP-29 Reddish Egrets Mating Dance
RTP-30 Roseate Spoonbill Wings Raised (Vertical)**
RTP-31 Black-crowned Night-Heron On Reeds
RTP-32 Yellow-crowned Night-Heron With Baby Blue Crab (Vertical)
RTP-33 Tricolored Heron Portrait (Vertical)
RTP-66 White Phase Reddish Egret Dancing

St. Paul Island, Pribilofs, Alaska
RTP-34 Tufted Puffins/Lichens/Wildflowers (Vertical)**
RTP-35 Tufted Puffin Portrait**
RTP-36 Thick-billed Murre Yawning
RTP-37 Northern Fulmar In Flight
RTP-38 Red-faced Cormorant Yawning (Vertical)
RTP-39 Rock Sandpiper Single Wing Display (Vertical)

RTP-41: Great Blue Herons Copulating

Great Blue Heron
RTP-40 Pair Passing Twig In Courtship Display (Vertical)**
RTP-41 Pair Copulating With Chicks In Nest
RTP-42 Wings Spread In Flight
RTP-43 Portrait In Pink Water (Vertical)**
RTP-44 Threat Display (Vertical)**

RTP-45 Sanderling Sleeping
RTP-46 Short-billed Dowitcher, Water Drop On Bill
RTP-47 Stilt Sandpiper Calling Juvenile**
RTP-48 Hudsonian Godwit On Lichen-Covered Boulder**
RTP-49 American Avocet Wingstretch (Vertical)**
RTP-50 Willet With Wings Raised (Vertical)
RTP-51 Black-necked Stilt Chick (Vertical)**
RTP-52 American Golden-Plover In Breeding Plumage                                                           

AM-2 Piping Plover chick**

RTP-53: Osprey

RTP-53 Osprey Perched With Fish (Vertical)
RTP-54 Osprey In Flight With Saltwater Catfish**
RTP-55 Great Gray Owl In Spruce (Vertical)**
RTP-56 Snowy Owl On Winter Dunes**
RTP-57 Cooper's Hawk Perched Juv. (Vertical)
RTP-58 Red-tailed Hawk, Juvenile In Flight
EQ-27 Cooper's Hawk Hovering**
NEC-1 Bald Eagle In Flight**                              

AM-3 Swallow-tailed Kite in flight**

Gulls and Terns
RTP-59 Black Skimmer In Flight (Vertical)
RTP-60 Arctic Tern On Summer Iceberg
RTP-61 Western Gull, Yawning Chick (Vertical)
RTP-62 Western Gull, Yawning Adult (Vertical)
RTP-63 Heerman's Gull Bowed Neck Display
RTP-64 Forster's Terns, Courtship Feeding**    

AM-4 Skimmers Against Huge Rising Sun**

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