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BIRDS AS ART On-Line Bulletin #2


Hi Again Fellow Photographers,
Hope that all is well with you.  All here at BIRDS AS ART is A-OK, and busy.
Bulletin subscriber and long time top NYC photo-journalist Ralph Ginzburg wrote advising that Canon's big new IS lens would not be as attractive as I thought to pro sports shooters as they require action stopping shutter speeds to freeze their fast-moving subjects, and would not benefit from IS which is effective at slower shutter speeds.  Thanks Ralph.
Bryan Geyer of Really Right Stuff (tel: 805-528-6321) advises that the lens specific mounting plate for the new Canon EF 500mm f/4.0 L IS lens is in production and will be available for shipping in about two weeks.  It will be quite some time until a plate for the 600 IS is designed and manufactured as Brain has been unable to get his hands on one yet.  I had the  RRS plate for my old 600mm f/4L redrilled by a local machine shop for $30.00.  In a pinch, the RRS B-84 plate mounted ass-backwards will work for either the 500 or the 600 IS lenses, but of course, these too-small plates are far less than optimal, but a better alternative then not using your new lens at all. 
Bird photographer, Nikon shooter, good friend, and chief competitor Tom Vezo wrote that stating he has made sharp images at 840mm at 1/30 sec with his Nikon 600 f/4.  (I never have.)  He also pointed out that photographers with perfect technique will always be able to produce sharper images than sloppy ones, with or without IS, and that photographers make the picture, not lenses. (Franz Lanting told him that over diner one night.)   He finished blasting away at me by stating that Nikon has the world's best camera body, the F-5, to which I responded, "Yes, I know; I've been telling Canon that for quite some time now."
I would welcome any feedback from others using any of the new Canon IS super-telephotos.
BIRDS AS ART New Product Information

Speaking For Nature; A Century of Conservation

A National Audubon Society Book (240 pages, 200+ photographs.)

This spectacular new book is one that you will want to read and re-read and look at for hours and days and weeks before finally placing it on your coffee table. It documents the history of the American conservation movement in the words of the top natural history essayists of our times. Twenty-three spectacular Birds As Art images are included and Arthur Morris’ "Whooping Crane/Bridal Veil" graces the front cover. In addition to Artie’s photos are more than 150 wonderful color images from other top nature photographers including Tom Mangelsen, Art Wolfe, Tim Fitzharris, Daniel J. Cox, Michael Quinton, Jim Brandenburg, Carr Clifton, David Muench, Galen Rowell, Carl R. Sams, Joe McDonald, Gary Braasch, Natalie Fobes, Darrell Gulin, Franz Lanting, and others. The incorporation of vintage photography as well as small reproductions of John James Audubon paintings adds a visual historical perspective. List price: $60.00. Order your copy today at the price: $48.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling = $54.00.

(Florida residents add 6% sales tax = $56.88.)



Inner Reflections 2000 Engagement Calendar published by Self-Realization Fellowship. Absolutely exquisite natural history images with a year’s worth of inspirational quotes from Paramahansa Yogananda. If you can show me an engagement calendar as drop-dead gorgeous or as photographically inspirational as this one, I’ll give you a copy of the 2000 Inner Reflections Calendar for free. Includes two BIRDS AS ART images. Order yours today for $12.95 + $3.00 shipping and handling = $15.95. (Florida residents add 6% sales tax = $16.73.)


Sensational Songbirds Screen Saver and Wallpaper. Thirty-three full color images of warblers, tanagers, sparrows, jays, blackbirds, and other passerines. Loads easily and quickly on Mac or PC. Macintosh Systems requirements: Power Mac or 68030 or higher processor. System 7.5.5 or higher. 256 color display minimum. 16MB RAM. 8 MB hard drive space. CD ROM drive. Windows Systems requirements: 486 or higher PC compatible. Windows 95. 98, NT or higher. 256 color display minimum. 8MB RAM. 8 MB hard drive space. CD ROM drive. Order yours now for $15.00 + $3.00 shipping and handling = $18.00 . (Florida residents add 6% sales tax = $18.90.)

Thanks for considering the purchase of BIRDS AS ART mail order products.

Best and great picture making.

Arthur Morris

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