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Hi There,

After seven weeks on the road, it's good to be home and able to see my precious little grandson Sammy in action every day. Photography at Jamaica Bay was fair, while Cape May provided good to phenomenal opportunities--hawk action was only so-so until October 6th or so, when it got really cold for the first time, but a flock of 500 Black Skimmers provided the raw materials for some wonderful images for myself and the nine IPT participants. I will share some of the new images with you soon. > As I often get requests for contact INFO for places that rent long lenses, but have never needed that service myself, I put out several requests for information. If you need to rent a long lens or a pro body, please contact one or more of the firms listed below. As I have never dealt with any of them, please do not write, call, or e-mail me for additional information, as I do not have any. It would be best, as always, to shop around and remember to ask about shipping charges and other terms. Note that weekly rental rates are often extremely low as compared to the daily rates. Be aware, also, that many places that rent long lenses place "impact-sensing indicators" on the equipment. They can tell if you drop the lens and I would assume that you are then liable for repairs. For more INFO on these or other rental terms and conditions, PLEASE CONTACT the firms listed below, NOT ME!

Wayne Hall wrote: E. P. Levine in Boston rents Canon EOS lenses up to 500mm, as well as a variety of Nikon stuff. They're down on the Boston waterfront. You can see what they've got on their website -, or email them at, or call at 617-951-1499.

Dave Goldfarb contributed: Lens and Repro in New York. Info at

Shlomie Rosenfeld responded: I have use Flashpoint in NYC many times. Flashpoint is part of Adorama They must have a large inventory as they always had what I wanted, when I wanted. They even ship to location so I don't have to pick it up and lug it myself. I deal with George over there. The only thing I can say is that I'm extremely satisfied with their service. You can get to their web site through Adorama's, which is

Ellis Vener wrote: In Texas, Light Tec has all lengths through 600mm plus teleconverters in both Canon & Nikon. Their website is

T. David Griffith added: The Light Tec web site is The phone number at the Dallas store is 214-630-5598. Rental is 214-350-8990, and sales is 214-638-3832.The Houston Store's # is 713-668-3004. Sales or Rentals at 713-668-3797. The Dallas operation has about 50% more stuff than the Houston location. You may mention my name and tell them I am the guy who took their 500mm AF-I back from Dallas to Houston last January. (My wife and I stopped at San Antonio with the 500mm to take Moose Peterson's seminar and day shoot.) Their rates seem reasonable and they accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Pro Photo in Oregon also has rentals. Their web URL is .

Steve e-mailed: Glazer's in Seattle has an extensive rental department. I've used them in the past for big glass. They are very customer-service oriented. Their website is: .Email is: They have all their rental equipment and prices on their website (via Adobe Acrobat). The 600 f/4 IS is only $80 per day for example. Samy's Camera in Los Angeles is also very good. I've actually used them more than Glazers. Their prices seem to be a bit lower. They too are very customer-service oriented. The website is , email: They do not appear to have their inventory and price list on line anymore. Both will ship via FedEx to out-of-staters....... Of course, I no longer need to rent since I bought a big lens, but I have used and recommended quite a few people to both of these places and heard no complaints. There are quite a few others, at least one on NYC and another in Milwaukee, WI. Whenever I called some of them, they never had the equipment I wanted. Glazer's and Samy's seem to ALWAYS have what I needed.......I think they must keep a larger stock, whereas some of the others keep a minimum inventory for the rental department.

Top bird photographer Brian Small also liked Samy's (among others) as he wrote: Just got back from a fantastic photo trip to the Rocky Mountain states. As far as rentals, here in Los Angeles you can go with Samy's Camera in Hollywood (323) 938-2420 or Bel Air camera in Westwood (310) 208-5150.

New York photographer Neil Leventhal, a documentary film maker and former assistant to some of the top fashion and portrait photographers in the Big Apple responded: 1) Fotocare - 212-741-2990. 2) Lens and Repro - 212-675-1900. 3) Calumet - 212-989-8500. 4) Flashpoint, Adorama's Rental division: I have rented from all of the above vendors and can tell you that their clients include the likes of Annie Lebovitz and Mark Seliger. While my first choice is always Fotocare, there are of course things that they don't have, but they will help you find it.

From Howard Levin: I can recommend two camera and lens rental facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area. The larger is Adolph Gasser, Inc., 181 Second Street, SF. They have a wide variety of both Canon and Nikon lenses as well as camera bodies, teleconverters, and other odds and ends to rent. You can get all the dope by calling 1-800 994-2773 or (415) 495-3852 ext. 189, or you can visit The smaller is Keeble & Shuchat Photography, 290 California Avenue, Palo Alto, telephone (650) 327-8511 (pro store #). Their web site is (to access their rental brochure go to their pro photo button, which allows a click to a pdf file: At Professional Photo Resource, Atlanta, GA (404-885-1885) ask for Dave or Kyle. I rented a 600mm f/4 Nikon for my trip to Florida in February. PPR was considerably cheaper than the New York Vendors. The equipment was first rate and so was the service.

Donald Frederick chipped in with: For what it's worth, "World Wide Foto" at 5040 Biscayne Blvd. in Miami rents big lenses. Alex, or anyone else there, can be contacted at 305 756-1744 or faxed at 305-759-7334.

Many thank to all the photographers who contributed to this Bulletin.

Best and great picture making to all,

Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

Listing of Archived Bulletins

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