NOVEMBER 2, 2004
Photo Theme:  A potpourri...
Black-crested Snake-Eagle, Kenya
Image copyright 2004 Robert O'Toole

When I saw this one, I said, "Kill me why don't you?"  To see a gallery of Robert's images made on last years Kenya Photo-Safari, click here:   If you would like to join Todd and I in Kenya  this August (five of the fifteen slots are gone already), please e-mail or see Bulletin 150 (which should be archived by this afternoon).

From IPT Participant, computer adviser, and good friend Ett Bobbinger (AKA Bob Ettinger):
BE: I read your bulletin 3 times and think that I understand it.
AM:  Jeez, was it that hard??
BE: #1: You are now dragging 3 bags, the Roadrunner and the two large Delseys. How do you manage all three?
AM: For US flights, I try to check in at curbside, if possible.  Barring that, I use a luggage cart or porter. 
BE: #2: Do you carry on anything besides the Roadrunner?
AM: My X-tra Hand Vest and--of course--my computer bag.  I rarely carry any photo stuff in my vest.  (Be sure to remove your Allen wrench set and your screwdriver/tool kit from your vest or from your carry-ons as they will be confiscated.)  In the vest I stow my Bose Headphones with CD players,  my supps for the day, and some extra water (it's easy to get dehydrated on a plane...).   Two extra laptop batteries (each in an old sock) are placed in the large rear compartment of the vest.  In the computer bag I have my hygienic handsoap, a few meditation & relaxation CDs, some spare AA and AAA batteries, and, of course, my beloved Toshiba Satellite laptop. 
BE: #3: You are removing all the dividers from the Roadrunner, that just leaves the outer or perimeter protection along with the back, right?
AM:  That is correct.  I leave the whole outer padding which is a single piece. 
BE: #4:  When you transfer all the equipment to the Roadrunner, do you still leave them in the watch caps?
AM:  You got that right Jack, I mean Ett.  
BE: PS: I hope you are getting a commission on the watch cap sales!
AM: Not!
BE: It was a great piece; I hope that everyone appreciated it as much as I did!
AM: Thanks and best,  artie
Note:  to learn more about my custom-designed X-tra Hand "Big Lens" Vest from Vested Interest,click here:
Brown Pelican taking flight, Fort De Soto Park, FL 
Image copyright 2004 Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART
EOS 1D Mark II and Canon 600mm f/4 L IS lens with 2X II TC on Wimberley head and Gitzo CF 1325 tripod.   AI Servo AF with Central Sensor only (by necessity).  ISO 250.  Evaluative metering +1 stop.  Tv Mode: 1/30 second at f/20.    
With large-in-the-frame birds, experiment with shutter speeds from 1/15 to 1/60 sec.  Even at a given shutter speeds, results will vary depending on a bird's speed and how quickly it is flapping.  Fort De Soto Park continues to offer consistently excellent photographic opportunities.  I have two large images in the current issue of Audubon magazine and both were made at this great park.  Our April 1-3 IPT there is almost full... 
Photo-journalist, educator, and friend Ellen K. Rudolph has created an excellent links page for those of you who have nothing better to do than surf the net for great photography sites.  Here is the link to her links:

And if you would like to check out some of Ellen's wonderful photography, visit her Portfolio Site:  or her Australia Site:


Tricolored Heron on the prowl, Fort De Soto Park, FL 
Image copyright 2004 Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART
Canon 100-400mm L IS Zoom lens (handheld at 400mm) with EOS 1D Mark II.  ISO 400. 45 point AF.   Evaluative metering +2/3 stop in Av mode: 1/2000 sec. at f/5.6.   
Some folks complain about the sharpness of the 1-4 at the long focal length end but my images--as this one is-- have always been tack sharp (as long as the lens is focused accurately at the moment of exposure).  The beach topography at Fort De Soto has changed substantially after the hurricanes and my very favorite pool is gone, but new opportunities have been created as well.  This ridiculously tame bird was fishing for more than an hour in a sort of tidal stream near the point at North Beach.  Handholding an intermediate telephoto lens in such situations is ideal as it is far easier to follow the bird and maintain a perfect light angle with a handheld lens than with a tripod-mounted super-telephoto lens. 
Canon USA's top tech rep Chuck Westfall has written a comprehensive essay on using autofocus with the high end Canon digital cameras.  To immerse your self in "Getting the Most From Your EOS-1 Class Digital SLR," click here: 

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron in flight, Isla Del Sol, FL
Image copyright 2004 Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART
Canon 100-400mm L IS lens (handheld at 250 mm).  45 Point AF in AI Servo AF.  ISO 250.  Evaluative metering at zero: 1/1250 sec. at f/8.  
If there is a possibility of working at close range while doing flight photography, the 1-4 is far more versatile than either the 300 f/4 L IS or the 400mm f/5.6 L lenses.  I do prefer the 400mm for flight photography whenever image size will be an issue as the 400 is lighter and focuses faster than either of the others.  Isla Del Sol is the key before the bridge to Tierra Verde. 
I am often asked why I do not use the latest, greatest 4gb flash card.  I use only Delkin 640mb and 1gb e-film pro cards.  (The 640 cards are perfect for those using 4 mega-pixel cameras or those who create j-pegs only.)  I mentioned to Tim Grey in an e-mail that in view of the fact that occasional card failures over time are likely that I much prefer not putting all of my eggs in one basket.  If you have a spectacular morning, whether it be in Kenya or in your backyard, make 625 images on a card, and then lose everything, you will most likely not be happy...  Here was Tim's response:  "I agree with you on spreading the images among multiple cards. I love the idea of having a virtually endless "roll of film", but losing one little card can then cost you so, so much. I'd rather risk a relatively small number of images at a time."  (If you are a digital photographer and do not receive Tim's incredibly info-filled Digital Daily Questions (DDQ) newsletter, click here:
Folks often ask why Delkin Devices has been slower in developing the larger cards than some of the other companies.  As I learned on a first hand visit to their place in southern California, they proceed slowly to ensure that quality control is maintained.  I have been using digital equipment almost every day for two years now. After thousands of uses, the paint and finish is worn off all of my original 640 cards, yet they continue to function perfectly.  In the twenty five months, I have had two 640 cards replaced.  Four months ago, I purchased four Delkin 1gb cards and so far (knock on wood) they have a perfect record. 
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, Isla Del Sol, FL
Image copyright 2004 Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART
EOS 1D Mark II and Canon 600mm f/4 L IS lens with 2X II TC on Wimberley head and Gitzo CF 1325 tripod.   One-shot AF with Central Sensor only (by necessity).  ISO 400.  Evaluative metering at zero: 1/800 at f/11 in Av Mode.      
Some of the yellow-crowneds were quite tame.  I love to make close-ups of the plumage of handsome birds...
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Delkin e-film Pro Cards are assembled in their facility in Poway, California.  Here a Delkin Devices techie performs a quality control inspection.  My visit there last January was quite educational.  Martin Woods and Alan Parry gave me the grand tour. 


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Tricolored Heron striding, Fort De Soto Park, FL 

Image copyright 2004 Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

EOS 1D Mark II and Canon 600mm f/4 L IS lens with 1.4X II TC on Wimberley head and Gitzo CF 1325 tripod.   AI Servo AF with 45 Point AF.  ISO 400.  Evaluative metering +2/3 stop. 1/1000 second at f/5.6.    
When you have a cooperative subject in nice light in a good setting, work it!  I stayed with this bird for nearly 90 minutes and wound up keeping 28 of the more than two hundred images that I made.  Of the 28, 6 struck my fancy and were optimized right off the bat in Photoshop.  The raised foot and dynamic pose did it for me on this one.  When photographing action with the EOS 1D Mark II, I do not hesitate to use ISO 400 to attain faster shutter speeds because noise at that ISO is virtually nonexistent.  If you are new to digital, you will surely want to check out our Digital Basics PDF file at: and save yourself weeks of banging your head against the wall...
Best and love and great picture-making to all,  

Note: Arthur Morris has been a Canon contract photographer since 1994 and continues in that role today.  Hunt's Photo of Boston, MA is a BIRDS AS ART sponsor, as is Delkin Devices.  Do feel free to forward this Bulletin to one or more photographer-friends. Those wishing to subscribe click here: mailto:  To unsubscribe, click here:   Back issues of all BAA Bulletins and relevant BAA Notes are archived on the web site at: