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  • We're Back!
  • Film Tips
  • New Canon Teleconverters
  • Churchill, Manitoba IPT
  • We're Back!

    Nearly a month ago, BIRDS AS ART experienced an e-mail system disaster.  A certain well know bird photographer was at the root of this disaster.  We were able to use a wonderful data recovery firm in Toronto, ADR, and we did recover the almost complete distribution list for BIRDS AS ART On-Line Bulletins.  Please forward this Bulletin to photography friends and groups so that anyone whose e-mail address was not recovered may re-subscribe by e-mailing  Thanks!

  • Film Characteristics and Tips 

    Fuji Film Characteristics

    Velvia:  incredibly warm, rich, saturated, vivid colors.  Fine grain, extreme sharpness.

    Provia F 100:  a more neutral but still rich color palette, grain virtually absent even when pushed, extreme sharpness.

    Provia F 400.  a neutral color palette, finest grain in a 400 ISO film, good sharpness.

    Film Tips: When to use your favorite Fuji films:

    Fuji Velvia (pushed one stop at EI 100): whenever possible, especially in soft light, in warm light, at sunrise and sunset, and when green is a predominant color.

    Fuji Provia F 100 (at normal): in full sun two hours after sunrise or before sunset.

    Fuji Provia F 100 (pushed one stop at EI 200, or pushed two stops at EI 320): in warm light when I need extra shutter speed, or in very low light (almost always with flash). Note: for the two stop push, rate the film at EI 320 and then tell the lab to push process it two stops, else your exposures will be approximately 1/3 stop too dark.

    Fuji Provia F 400 (pushed one stop rated at EI 800):  in extremely low light when additional shutter speed is needed.

    Yes, I push nearly every roll of film that I expose....... 

     New Canon Teleconverters

    We have received dozens of e-mails requesting an evaluation of the new Canon
    Series II EF teleconverters.  I will be receiving mine early next week in Arizona and will let you all know what I think of them in early May. Here is the information that I received from Canon Tech Rep Chuck Westfall:
    Canon's Extenders EF 1.4x II and EF 2x II should be in dealers hand's no later than early April, so you should be able to obtain them soon. Minimum advertised price will be approx. $450 apiece.  In addition to the improved weather resistance, both new extenders feature improved anti-reflection coatings on their inner barrels. The optics of the new 1.4x are the same as the original, but the 2x has been upgraded for better optical performance with the current generation of IS super telephoto lenses. The new 2x also has a recessed rear element that allows the 1.4x to be stacked behind it without the need for an intermediate extension tube. Canon Inc. is not officially recommending this combination, but in our experience it seems to work and produce reasonably sharp photos.
    I am really looking forward to field testing the new TCs, especially the 2X with its improved optics!

    Churchill, Manitoba IPT

    Ross' Gull, Churchill, Manitoba
    There are currently two openings on the June 15-22 BIRDS AS ART/Instructional Photo-Tour of Churchill Manitoba ($2199). 
    Churchill is a difficult place to photograph, as the weather is changeable and the shorebird nests are hard to find.  But the rewards are sweet.  Photograph arctic nesting birds, at times on the nest, and almost always in their spectacular breeding plumages. Species should include Semipalmated Plover and American Golden-Plover, Whimbrel, Hudsonian Godwit, Stilt Sandpiper, Short-billed Dowitcher, Arctic Tern, Bonaparte's Gull, Parasitic Jaeger, and Willow Ptarmigan. Other possibilities include Common Eider, Oldsquaw, Greater Scaup, Horned Grebe, Pacific Loon, Least Sandpiper, Dunlin, Redpoll, Savannah Sparrow, Blackpoll Warbler, and many, many more. And there is always a chance to photograph North America's rarest breeding larid: Ross' Gull.  On this IPT only, ground transportation and airport pick-up/drop-off is included. See the web site for logistical details. 





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