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  • IS Technology and the Bird Photographer/NPN
  • "On a Wing and a Prayer" Opens in Washington, D.C.
  • Congratulations to George Lepp!
IS Technology and the Bird Photographer/NPN
The May issue of NPN is now online.  Check out my cover photo, a tight vertical head and neck portrait of a free and wild Osprey staring right down the lens barrel--you can see the veins in its eyes!  The image was made at 1200mm (Canon 600mm IS and 2X TC) from the car window on a beanbag at 1/125 sec.  Most will be interested as well in the lead article, "IS Technology and the Bird Photographer."
This is a great site with not only the magazine, but several excellent forums
--two of which I participate in.  They are the General Discussion Forum and the Image Critique Forum (There are some wonderful images; check out Brian Kennedy's Black-crowned Night-Heron in flight at:
The great thing about both of these Forums is that really nice people and some excellent photographers hang out there.  If you are looking to get insulted or into a piss-fight, NPN is not the site for you. 


If you cannot make it to D.C, visiting the Smithsonian's web site at:
is a must.  Frank Kohn's incredibly innovative site design makes seeing the images on line just about as good as visiting in person! And there is tons of great natural history information to boot.  You can learn more about the exhibit and the opening on NPN at:


Congratulations to George Lepp!
George Lepp, a good friend who has taught me a thing or two--I have  attended three of his seminars--announced the opening of the Lepp Institute of Digital Imaging  (LIDI) in Los Osos, CA.  LIDI will be offering five-day interactive photography workshops with a state-of-the-art digital darkroom lab sponsored by Canon and Epson.  You can check out the details at  Way to go George!  (Heck, if I were smart, I would sign up as the first registrant...)



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