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BIRDS AS ART ON-LINE Bulletin July 19, 2001

  • Field Report: Canon D-30 and Flash
  • August Issue of NPN On-line
  • Walt Anderson Ground-Pod & WildBird

Field Report: Canon D-30 and Flash

Frequent IPT participant Matt Hagadorn has published an excellent field report on his experience with the Canon D-30 (digital camera). The report is also a wonderful account of the first BIRDS AS ART/Instructional Photo Tour of Churchill, Manitoba that I led this past June.  I will surely be returning to Churchill in 2003 (and possibly in 2002).
To read Matt's article and see his fine images, click on:
And do check out his galleries as well.
August Issue of NPN On-line
The August issue of the NPN magazine is now on line at:
Be sure to check out "Morris Magic" by Debbie Smith.  Aside from being terribly flattering, this piece features an account of the Washington D.C. BIRDS AS ART photography weekend and offers an inside look at the passion that drives me and the  expertise that has led to my (incredible) success.  (If at this point you feel the urge to send me a letter informing me that my shameless self promotion sickens you, please instead take a cold shower or do something constructive with your time.  Thanks and love...)
If you have not visited the NPN Image Critique Galleries, you are missing some great images.  Of special interest--of course
--is the Avian Gallery <smile>
Walt Anderson Ground-Pod
The Walt Anderson ground-pod is now available from BIRDS AS ART.  This elegantly designed ground-pod is not for everyone, but if you regularly get down on the ground to photograph shorebirds and gulls at their eye-level, you will not want to be afield without having this gadget in the big back pocket of your X-tra Hand Vest.  (The ground-pod is reported to be ideal as well for photographing from atop a bean bag in either your own car or an African safari vehicle.  Do note that I have not tested the ground-pod for this purpose yet.)

(This winter plumaged Black-Bellied Plover was photographed on Sanibel Island at ground-level with the proto-type ground pod, the Canon EF 600mm f/L IS lens with a 1.4X TC, the Canon EOS 1v body, and Fuji Velvia pushed one stop.)
I have used both the newly released ground-pod as well as the prototype (that Walt so graciously sent me almost a year ago) with great success.  I have even rinsed it off in salt water with no ill effects at all.
The ground-pod consists of a 4X8" base plate (with 4 little rubber-nubbed "feet" at each corner) and a small but sturdy Arca-Swiss style clamp mounted atop lazy-Susan type base that makes it is easy to follow running or foraging birds.  (The base itself has four cut-out sections that reduce the weight of the unit.) The thing that I love most about the ground-pod is that when I turn the lens to vertical the height of the pod keeps the camera out of the sand or mud.  (This is a big problem when you simply place the mounting plate and the lens foot in the sand or mud.)  And of course, the ground-pod keeps most of the sand and mud off of your expensive equipment...
Oooops.  I almost forgot to mention: we have only four Walt Anderson Ground pods left in stock.  If you would like one, please send a check for $204 to PO Box 7245, Indian Lake Estates, FL 33855 ($199 plus $5 shipping via priority mail).  Florida residents please add 6% sales tax = $210.94.  Please make checks out to "Arthur Morris," not to BIRDS AS ART.  Thanks! 
To learn more about photographing birds at ground level, be sure to get a copy of the next issue of WildBird magazine where that subject will be the topic of my very next column.  To subscribe (only $9.99 for six issues), visit   WildBird



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