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BIRDS AS ART ON-LINE Bulletin 56 September  29, 2001

BIRDS AS ART and Digital Photography
 The Canon EOS 1D

 BIRDS AS ART and Digital Photography

I have never made an image with any digital camera but a point and shoot. I need help to make a barely passable scan of questionable quality.  And I am  scared of digital and the changes that it will bring to my chosen
 profession.  And rest assured, those changes are coming.

My biggest fear has to do with the cataloguing and storing of digital  images, and of the degree of their acceptance in the marketplace.  I am an  old dog, and I will need to learn new tricks, but not just yet...

Here are some of the things about digital photography that I look forward  to:  The ability to check exposure immediately by viewing the histogram.   Immensely reduced film and processing costs--BIRDS AS ART spends nearly $20,000 annually on film, processing, and dupes.   Immediate gratification.  The seeming ability of digital to handle contrast far better than film.  Not
having to change film after 36 frames. 

 What I will miss most about using film is the anticipation of getting back a ton of film from the lab ,and physically handling the images.

Several folks using digital cameras have traveled with me on BIRDS AS ART/Instructional Photo-Tours.  All are competent photographers.  The first, Pat Price, was years ahead of his time.  More recently, Matt Hagadorn, Bob  Ettinger, Tom Fruzinski, and digital expert Charles Bush have joined me.   (Amazingly, Bob and Tom--both long time and diehard Nikon users--switched
to the Canon EOS (digital) system and D-30 camera bodies before the introduction of the EOS D1 citing the more accurate exposures offered by the Canon EOS D-30.)

 Digital cameras on IPTs allow for dramatically increased teaching  opportunities.  Many of the photographers mentioned above shared their  images with the group for critiquing at lunch and in the evenings. Suggestions for improvement could be made during the trip.

 Several years ago, Pat Price prepared a slide program set to music that featured the images he made on the Southern California IPT and showed it on  the last night of the trip.  He used a digital projector and even included
 photographs that he made on the last afternoon of the trip!   And at Bosque last year, Charles Bush did a "Digital Basics" program for two of my groups.

The Canon EOS 1D

Canon's first professional digital camera body is a reality; the EOS 1D was introduced several days ago. And while I am the last person that you would want to ask about anything having to do with digital photography, I have
taken a look at the specs and the hype and have gleaned the following:

In j-peg format, the camera is capable of 8 frames per second for 21 frames (provided that the shutter speed is 1/500th of a second or faster.

 Like the EOS 1v and the EOS 3, the EOS 1D will  focus down to f/8 so that  f/4 lenses will autofocus with 2X teleconverters.

The multiplier effect is (only) 1.3X.  (Most competing digital cameras  feature a 1.6X multiplier effect.)  This is somewhat of a negative for wildlife photographers, but is a big plus for wide-angle shooters.

The EOS 1D is pretty darned close to being a digital version of the EOS 1v  (upon which its design was based).  Nearly all buttons, dials, and functions
 are the same. The EOS 1D is compatible with all EF lenses.

For your surfing pleasure, I offer the links that follow.  They were  provided by Canon tech rep David Carlson, freelance photographer Peter  Burian, and Bulletin subscriber Ray Amos.  There are lots of links within
 the links, so if you would like to spend a few hours on line, click away.

Please do not call, write, or e-mail me with questions about the EOS D1, cause I don't know nothing!




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