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BIRDS AS ART ON-LINE Bulletin 59 October 18, 2001

  • Bosque in November
  • More on Mailing Film
  • Hand Checking Film
  • Equipment Insurance and Shipped Lenses
Bosque Del Apache NWR in November

Since losing my wife Elaine to breast cancer in November 1994, I have visited this wondrous place every year right around Thanksgiving.  If any of you will be at Bosque this year on Thanksgiving Day, please join me for a Thanksgiving buffet at the historic Val Verde Steak house in Socorro at noon. The cost is between $15 and $20 per person.  For the past few years, between 20 and 30 photographers have joined me for a great time. 


More on Mailing Film

Here is some vitally important information from friend, Bulletin subscriber, and multi-IPT participant Bob Lichtman: 
Artie, in today's Wall Street Journal, they state that if you send a package by US Mail, there is a chance that it will be X-rayed. New
FAA regulations require any packages shipped by commercial passenger airline has to be X-rayed. The Post Office has reduced the amount they are shipping via passenger planes from 40% to 10%, but that 10% may be X-rayed.

The article goes on to say the Post Office is not happy with the situation, but has no control over it other than to not use passenger airlines for shipping. The Postal Service has reduced the amount they are shipping by passenger plane, but this also means that mail service will be slower.

Anyway, the point is that the WSJ is confirming what you have been told and what you have been hearing - if you ship via the post office, it may be X-rayed.
Thanks Bob.  While many folks have been writing and stating that they have experienced no problems with mailing film, I for one, am not willing to take the risk.  I will put up the extra few bucks and use Fed-X. Do understand that if you choose to mail either unexposed or undeveloped film, that there is a chance that it could be ruined by X-rays.
Hand-checking Film
Many folks have written asking if traveling photographers are still permitted to demand that their carried-on film be hand-checked.  My understanding at present is that the regulations that state that we are entitled to have carried-on film hand checked are still in place, but that such requests are simply being denied at various airports.  If you want to push the issue, you might ask to speak to a supervisor, but in today's climate, I would imagine that most would forego that option.  Do note that 100 and 200 ISO film could be passed through security X-ray machines many times without being damaged at all.
Equipment Insurance and Shipped Lenses
After reading Bulletin 58, many have written asking if I took out additional insurance (through the shipper) for lenses and other photographic items that I have either mailed or Fed-Xed.  I had always assumed that the items would be covered by my equipment insurance policy.  I have my equipment insurance through Rand Insurance.  The program is sponsored by NANPA.  The folks from Rand informed me that the covered items are protected at all times around the world.  They went on to say that if say, the Post Office lost an $8,600 lens, that Chubb, the actual insurer, would pay the claim and then go after the shipper.  It is mandatory, of course, for each photographer to contact his or her own insurance company. 
If anyone would like the latest information on the NANPA/Rand equipment insurance policies, please e-mail us for details and I shall forward Jerry Bowman's recent e-mail advising on how to save some money by beating the upcoming rate increase.  You do need to be a NANPA member to be eligible for coverage. 



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