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BIRDS AS ART ON-LINE Bulletin #80 May 19, 2002

In poor taste?, Field testing the Lowepro Roadrunner AW, So you want to market your work....

A very, very few of our more than 2100 subscribers took the time to write and  complain about the staged sparrow with a cigarette image.  I am sorry if I offended anyone.  (I thought that the image and Linda's clever writing were quite humorous and in no way disrespectful of nature, after all, the bird was dead...  I consider humankind's daily polluting of the earth's air, land, and water a far greater insult.)  In any case, I ask that those who were offended to accept the image below as my apology.
Photo Copyright 2002 Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART
Snowy Egret (dead), East Pond, Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Queens, NY
Canon 600mm f/4 L lens, 25mm extension tube, EOS 1n body, Fuji Velvia pushed one stop
Evaluative metering -1/3 stop at f/11(in early morning light)
I have always felt that this image represented this young bird's beauty as well the fragility of its  life.
Thanks to the generosity of Lowepro boss Uwe Mummenhoff, a sweet bear of a man whom I met at the last NANPA Forum in Jacksonville, I will have the opportunity to field test the Lowepro Roadrunner AW.  This large rolling backpack (large enough to carry a 600mm f/4 lens plus lots more) is Lowepro's largest legal carry-on and that is exactly how I will be using it.  Linda and I are headed to Churchill for 12 days and then continuing on to Arctic NWR where we will be working with a team of shorebird researchers, photographing, and sleeping in a tent for 8 nights!  We will let you know how the Roadrunner AW did when we get back.
To check out Lowepro's fine line of products that are designed to make a photographer's life easier, check out:   In addition, most would enjoy visiting Bettina and Uwe's Digital Outback Fine Art Photography Handbook at:
I am often asked what factors are important considerations for those who wish to attempt to market their work.  Here is my list plus a few additional comments: 
1-Your determination
2-Your willingness to work long and hard
3-Your marketing skills
4-Your promotional skills (including self promotion)
5-Your ability to create markets for your work
6-Your level of intelligence
7-Your social skills
8-Your writing ability
9-The number (measured in thousands or tens of thousands) and variety of images in your collection
10-The quality of your images
Now here's the kicker: I have listed the items above (IMNSHO) in their order of importance!  Take it from someone who has sold a few images over the past two decades: the quality of your work is one of the least important factors that will determine your success at marketing your images.  
Note #1: Make it a habit to send only your best work, stuff that you would be proud to see in print. 
Note #2: Technically perfect artistically designed images usually sell better than junk.
Note #3: Surprise: static portraits outsell images that depict action by at least 3-1.
For the basics of marketing, see Chapter Ten: Evaluating and Selling Your Work in "The Art of Bird Photography."  (You can order a signed copy off of our web site.) Good luck peddling those images!



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