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BIRDS AS ART ON-LINE Bulletin #96 January 19, 2003

San Diego Trip Report

Delkin E-Film Pro Cards Additions And Corrections

Canon Factory Service

Bosque Place Names And More...



Brown Pelican preening, LaJolla, CA 

Digital capture with Canon EOS 1D, 500mm f/4 L IS lens, two 25mm extension tubes, and 2XII teleconverter

ISO 250. Evaluative Metering -1/3 stop = 1/640 sec. at 11.  

Image copyright 2003 Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

Notice that for maximum close focus the extension tubes are mounted on the lens.  Note also the placement of the bird's eye near the lower right thirds position.


San Diego was a roaring success on all counts.  66 folks and Canon Pro Markets Rep Michael Nadler attended the Saturday "Art of Nature Photography; It Ain't Just Birds" Full-day Seminar at the Otto Center.  I managed to keep all the attendees awake for the entire day, which is no mean feat in itself!  It was a great day of learning and of questions and answers.  And most folks enjoyed the point-counterpoint repartee between Mr. Nadler and I. (Mr. Nadler and me?  Mr. Nadler and myself?  Yikes!)   We finished up by distributing a raft of great door prizes from various sponsors including Fuji, Wimberley,  Chelsea Professional Color Photo Lab, and WildBird and Nature Photographer magazines.  My friend Bug Bob (Allen) brought a group down from Orange county and Steve Cirone of the Sierra Club Photo group did a great job of rounding up the local folks.  Steve brought along a stack of killer prints as well.  Thanks also to my dear friend Dr. Cliff Oliver and his friend Sharon Murnane for the great flute and musical accompaniment.  

The two In-the-Field Workshops and the 5-Day IPT were blessed with great weather and wonderful birds.  On my favorite morning, a howling NNE Santa Ana wind found the pelicans and cormorants hanging above us as they landed just yards away. Though we could barely keep our balance on the cliffs, it was the most fabulous flight photography I have ever encountered.  Strangely enough, a slight shift in wind direction (to more out of the east) put the kibosh on just about all flight photography the next day in spite of the easterly strong winds that seemed ideal.  It seems that with that strong east wind that the birds were fine staying on the big wall behind the cliffs that was in the lee.  With the wind from the NE on the previous day, the last thing that they wanted to do was stay on that wall and be buffeted.

If you are photographing in LaJolla and enjoy good Indian food, be sure to visit India Palace Restaurant at 7514 Girard Ave on the corner of Pearl Street near the Vons Supermarket (858) 551-5133.  We had lunch there several times and the buffet, especially the Tandoori chicken, was both amazingly good and moderately priced.

It was great seeing Chuck Loftis again (as a repeat from last year's 5-day IPT) as he was somewhat of a digital inspiration to me.  The 5-day group visited Tom Mangelsen's gallery in LaJolla and enjoyed the ducks at Santee Lakes as well.  All of the images that grace this Bulletin were made on the San Diego trip. 

Heerman's Gull adult braking in flight, Coronado, CA.

Digital capture: EOS 1D, handheld 100-400mm IS L lens at 285 mm. 

 ISO 250 Evaluative Metering  +1 stop: 1/1250sec. at f/5.6  

Image copyright 2003 Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

Start with one loaf of white bread, add a 20mph west wind and one sunny afternoon and this is what you can bake...


I forgot to mention the BAA Bulletin that when you order a 640MB eFilm PRO Cards for $299.00 from Hunt's
(contact Gary Farber at 1-800-221-1830 X2332 or email him at and mention BAA Bulletins, you will receive a free eFilm 2-Pack digital card case for each PRO Card that you buy.
I extend my apologies to Rob Galbraith for calling him "Roger."

Brown Pelican "ballet"  LaJolla, CA
Digital capture: EOS 1D, handheld 100-400mm IS L lens at 220 mm. 
ISO 200, Evaluative Metering  +1/3 stop: 1/3200 sec. at f/5
Image copyright 2003 Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART
The Canon 100-400 mm lens is unmatched for its versatility.  And with the EOS 1D, it forms a deadly flight photography combination.  Note here that it was necessary to rack back to 220mm to in order to make the image.  The technique that I used involved racking the lens back to the predicted effective focal length so that I would not have to be zooming as I aimed, composed, and released the shutter button.  

After reading about my adventures with the Canon 100-400mm IS zoom lens many folks contacted me for advice with repairs.  Unfortunately, I was unable to help.  Remember that George Lepp knows more in one fingernail clipping about how cameras work than I ever will.  When my Canon stuff does not work right, I send it to the closest Canon Factory Service Center and suggest that you do the same.  For your convenience, here is the contact information:

Canon Factory Service    Canon Factory Service    Canon Factory  Service
100 Jamesburg Road       6325 Muirfield Road         15955 Alton Parkway
Jamesburg, NJ 08831      Hanover Park, IL 60103    Irvine, CA 92718
(732) 521-7000                (630) 250-6500                (949) 753-4000

In addition, Canon USA also provides toll-free customer service at            
1-800-652-2666 and 1-800-828-4040.

Western Gull calling, LaJolla, CA 

Digital capture: EOS 1D, 500mm f/4L IS lens with 1.4XII  teleconverter  

ISO 100  Evaluative Metering +1/3 stop:  1/500 at f/8  

 Image copyright 2003 Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

Here was a case of seeing the action and making the image at what turned out to be a less than ideal exposure. The great latitude of digital allowed for a successful image.  Do note, however, that just as with film, you need to avoid blowing out (over-exposing) the highlights.  The soft early morning light helped too. <smile>


Subscriber Chris Loffredo and I corresponded as follows: 
CL: I am not familiar with the crane pools (Ed Krane Pool and Harry's Crane pool) that you mentioned in a recent Bulletin.  I called Bosque but they were not familiar with these names.  Were you referring to the pools on the way to the entrance of Bosque? 
AM: Yes.   Harry's is the smaller one, I think the first one on the right (on the way south).  Ed Krane Pool is the second much larger one on the right (again, on the way down).   There is a big tree in this pond, and two parking lots.   The parking lot at the north end of this pond is newly constructed.  Kudos to the Refuge Manager for building it where it was needed!
CL: Can you first shoot the geese taking off from the main pond/flight deck at sunrise and then move back to the crane pools or will both be taking flight at the same time.  Is there time for both?
AM  On most mornings yes, fairly easily.   Heck, you are practically getting a free IPT here!  
CL: Being a New Yorker (born Flushing Queens, PS 107) like yourself,  I watched Ed Kranepool played for the NY Mets in the mid 1970's.  Knowing a little about your back ground it got me thinking if this was a Birds as Art name.  Coincidence?
AM: No, not at all. I love to make up names for photo spots at the various refuges and see if they catch on.  (I did that a whole lot at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in NYC, especially at my soul place, the East Pond.    Sometimes the names catch on.  The Ed Krane Pool was indeed named several years ago by me in honor of the Mets old first baseman...  Harry's Crane Pool was named for IPT participant Harry June who suggested that I try it in the mornings...  BTW, I attended PS 207 on Fillmore Avenue in Brooklyn, and so did my late-Dad.   
Double-Crested Cormorant, crash landing?  LaJolla, CA
Digital capture: EOS 1D, handheld 100-400mm IS L lens at 400mm
ISO 250 Evaluative Metering +2/3 stop: 1/1600 sec. at f/5.6 
Image copyright 2002 Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART
I made a few test images to be sure of a perfect exposure before making this spectacular image. PS: the bird landed safely...
Though I got back from San Diego late on the January 13th, I leave for Tanzania midday on Wednesday January 22.  I am, of course, dreading the flights.  I regret that I will not be able to answer your e-mails in the usual fashion.  Best to hold off  e-mailing until early March as I leave for the NANPA Summit in Albuquerque, New Mexico seven days after returning from Africa...  Teaching assistant Ellen Anon and I shall have the pleasure of working with the Infinity Scholarship students at Bosque for a day this year.



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